As the mighty Avenger Captain America, Chris Evans has spent the past decade overcoming impossible odds by kicking and punching a multitude of supervillains. But when it came to being a part of Rian Johnson's mystery thriller Knives Out, the actor had to use a different tactic: begging and pleading, as he revealed in a special feature on the film's home media release.

"I don't even think I let him [Rian Johnson] speak. I think I just kind of was babbling the entire time about what I wanted to do with the role and what I thought I could bring and please cast me, basically. It was just kind of me just pitching him, just begging."
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The tactic worked, and Chris Evans landed the role of Hugh Ransom Drysdale, the handsome and charismatic but also oily and cunning heir to the legacy of wealthy crime writer Harlan Thrombey. One fateful morning finds Thrombey dead in his room, and Hugh and the other relatives of the murdered man find themselves as the chief suspects in the police case to determine who took Thrombey's life.

For Evans, getting to play Hugh in Knives Out was a huge departure from the role of brave, straight-laced hero Steve Rogers AKA Captain America. The success of the MCU had caused Evans to come dangerously close to getting typecast as the noble hero.

As Hugh, Evans was finally able to remind audiences of his laidback charisma and sense of comic timing, which is what had put the actor on the map early on in his career before he got the role of Captain America.

Chris Evans was clearly having the time of his life showing the cunning and duplicitous side of Hugh Ransom Drysdale in Knives Out as he worked alongside the character of nurse Marta Cabrera to uncover the mystery behind his grandfather's death.

While Evans is a big name in Hollywood, and it sounds strange that he would have to beg for a role in a small-budget movie, it would make sense if Rian Johnson would have hesitated to add him to the cast of his mystery film if he feared audiences would refuse to accept Evans in a role that was so drastically the polar opposite of Captain America.

Fortunately, the experiment paid off for everyone involved. The movie was a huge success and allowed both Chris Evans and Daniel Craig to show new and enthralling sides to their acting ability and prove they can play more than hyper-masculine macho men like Steve Rogers and James Bond.

For now, Rian Johnson is committed to making a Knives Out sequel. Unfortunately, the filmmaker has confirmed that Chris Evans will not be returning for the new film, since it will cover an entirely new case that has baffled the police, prompting the return of Craig's gentleman detective character from the original, Benoit Blanc, to once again shed light on a fresh mystery and solve the case.