Having now encountered Michael Myers in five separate Halloween films, Jamie Lee Curtis knows how to handle a murderer. Perhaps that experience will help her in her next major role, as the actress has been added to the ensemble cast of Knives Out. From writer and director Rian Johnson, the murder-mystery film will also star Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Lakeith Stanfield, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, and Ana de Armas. Curtis comes on board just weeks away from production, which will officially kick off in November.

The MRC film, which will serve as a follow-up to The Last Jedi for Rian Johnson, is said to be a modern-day murder mystery presented as a classic whodunit style film. Curtis will be playing an unknown character, and details on her role are yet to be revealed. What's been confirmed is Craig will be portraying the detective tasked with solving the crime, with the other attached names presumably serving as the suspects. Full details on the plot remain to be seen, but with production beginning next month, chances are more information about the story will be coming out in the upcoming weeks.

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Perhaps now more than ever, Curtis has become a major player in Hollywood. Her return to Halloween has made the franchise more lucrative than it's ever been, pulling in over $90 million at the box office in worldwide ticket sales. We can certainly expect her to start showing up in more high profile productions, and apparently Johnson was first in line to sign the actress to a new project. Still, we can only expect Curtis to get more offers, adding her talents to more productions after she finishes her commitments on Knives Out.

Any one of the names in the cast could have their character revealed to be the killer, including Curtis herself. It's important to note the actress also has experience as an antagonist, portraying Dean Munsch on Fox's two-season horror series, Scream Queens. Whether she's the hero, the villain, or even a potential victim, adding Curtis to the cast is certainly a great decision on the part of Johnson, especially when considering how the actress knocked it out of the park as Laurie Strode in the new Halloween. While some elements of the film have been criticized, the consensus from everyone is how Curtis' performance is one of the best aspects of the movie.

For now, Curtis will continue to enjoy the ongoing success of Halloween at the box office. The film has made tremendous money so far, but it has only spent one weekend in theaters. Profits will continue to pile up from here, and there are already rumors of a sequel to the horror film soon to be in the works. Between the inevitable Halloween follow-up and a part in Johnson's Knives Out, it looks like Curtis can expect to be around even more blades in the future. Considering the Hollywood star's roots come from classic slasher films, however, that doesn't seem to be a problem. This information comes to us courtesy of Variety.

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