KnowingNicolas Cage and his creepy time capsule knew enough to sweep all of the DVD charts this past week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Knowing took the top spot on all three DVD charts, for the week ending July 12.

It was a good week all around for Summit Entertainment, as another one of its new releases, Push, was right behind Summit's Knowing on the DVD sales, rental and Blu-ray sales charts as well. The only other notable new release was the horror film The Unborn, which took third place in all three charts.

Both Knowing and Push posted solid numbers on the Blu-ray sales charts, in first and second place, with the Blu-ray versions for both titles accounting for 18% of their total sales figures apiece.

Knowing's victory on the charts is the second major win of the year for Summit's home entertainment line. The mega-hit Twilight debuted atop the charts in March.