The world was shocked upon hearing the tragic news that Kobe Bryant had died in a helicopter crash alongside one of his daughters and seven other people. Some didn't believe the news at first. This includes one of his closer friends in the entertainment industry, hip-hop mogul and actor Ice Cube. When Ice Cube first heard the news, he decided he had to text Kobe, just to see if he'd respond, knowing that his friend had most likely passed in the accident.

Ice Cube appeared on ESPN to talk about Kobe Bryant and his feelings about the loss of this star athlete, and the effect it has had on Los Angeles, home to the L.A. Lakers. Asked who the first person he called when he heard the news that Kobe had passed, Ice Cube admits he only had one number that immediately came to his mind.

"Kobe. To see if he would hit me back. And when I didn't get it back, you don't immediately start to worry because he's Kobe and he always gets back sooner or later. It's just true. I just toss and turn all night thinking about Vanessa. And his daughters. Thinking about his mother and his father. His sisters. Thinking about Vanessa's parents. Just everyone in his immediate life that loved him. What they lost. I know what we lost as fans."

13-year-old Gianna Maria-Onore passed away alongside her father Kobe Bryant in the crash that occurred on Sunday, January 26. Also inside the helicopter when it crashed in Calabasas, California were John Altobelli, Orange Coast College head baseball coach, Kerri Altobelli, the coach's wife, and Alyssa Altobelli, who was Gianna's basketball teammate. The other four victims of the devastating crash have not been officially identified.

The City of Los Angeles has taken the news quite hard and continue to mourn the loss of the NBA All-Star. After his death, it was announced that Kobe Bryant will be inducted into the 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame. Plans for his induction were already underway before the accident. It was also reported today that the NBA has postponed Tuesday's Lakers Vs. Clippers game.

Ice Cube went on to call Kobe some of, 'the glue that holds L.A. together. He also talked about how the 41-year-old Oscar winner had inspired the rapper over the years, even despite the fact that Bryant is younger than Ice Cube.

"Me personally, I don't have too many heroes that's younger than me, and that was one of them. It's profound but I think more about his family and I hope the city wraps their arms around the family and embrace them as much as they embraced Kobe. Cause the family is going to need it."

The interview comes from the official ESPN Twitter. The crash is still under investigation. It is believed that fog and other severe weather played a role in the accident. More is expected to be reported on the true cause of the crash in the next few days.