Not so fast there, guys! On the one year anniversary of its announcement at last year's Comic Con, the King Kong prequel Kong: Skull Island has suffered a mild set back today. The film loses two of it's three leads, with both Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons bowing out due to scheduling conflicts. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is staying on board, as is Thor star Tom Hiddleston.

Kong: Skull Island was originally supposed to begin shooting this fall, but Legendary Pictures pushed the start date closer to the end of the year. The project is also said to be a very demanding shoot in terms of time. The schedule simply could not be aligned with either actor's current commitments. The studio is furiously seeking two more leads to replace the actors. They do not envision any delays. The movie already has a release date set for March 10, 2017.

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Kong: Skull Island promises to fully immerse the audience in the dangerous and mysterious home of the legendary giant ape. The story will follow a team of explores who arrive at the island, and decide to travel deep into its jungles, where they encounter all types of prehistoric creatures and deadly threats. The movie is coming from Universal, who found great success this summer with their rebooted franchise Jurassic World, which has gone onto become the highest grossing movie of 2015. If you have any ideas about who should replace Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons, hurry and let Legendary know! They are in desperate need of two fine, outstanding, Oscar-nominated replacements.