The first news about even the possibility of a Kraven the Hunter movie popped up over a year ago when Silver and Black was announced, which is also when it was originally reported that a Mysterio movie was in the works as well. Not much has been said about the Kraven project since then and many fans were worried that it wasn't happening any more. However, those fears can be laid to rest for now, since a new report states that Sony has hired Equalizer 2 screenwriter Richard Wenk to write the standalone movie.

Now that Sony has hired Richard Wenk, it looks as if Kraven the Hunter will actually get made. But, there are still a few hurdles for the project, with the main one being the success of the Venom movie. The Tom Hardy-starring film has a lot of weight on its shoulders and many believe that the movie's success will have a big impact on whether or not we end up seeing other Spider-Man spin-offs in the future. In addition, many Marvel Comics fans have been waiting to see Kraven and Spider-Man go head-to-head, just like Venom, which could be a deterrent for a standalone film.

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While Venom is a well-known character in the Spider-Man movie universe, Kraven is not as popular, though he has been featured in the animated series and video games quite a bit. If people thought that a standalone Venom movie was a gamble, a Kraven the Hunter movie may prove to be an even bigger gamble. But, the studio will more than likely go with a smaller budget, much like what DC and Warner Bros. are attempting with the Joker movie. Again, the box office earnings of Venom are going to have a big impact on the future of the spin-off movies, Kraven the Hunter included.

Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven the Hunter, was born into Russian aristocracy and is a crazy big-game hunter. The character was first introduced as the Spider-Man villain in The Amazing Spider-Man #15, which came out in 1964. Black Panther director Ryan Coogler originally wanted to have Kraven as the main villain in this year's blockbuster, but Marvel Studios does not have the rights. Throughout the years, Kraven has been a villain in the aforementioned Black Panther comics and has even shown up in the Venom Lethal Protector series, which is what the upcoming film is partly based on.

If Sony is sticking to that Lethal Protector storyline for Venom, it could end up connecting the Kraven the Hunter movie to the Venom movie, which would be pretty interesting for fans of the comics. Though, one would hope that these main Spider-Man villains will end up facing off against, or with, Spidey at some point in the future. As for Richard Wenk, he has written the two Equalizer installments for Sony along with The Magnificent Seven and the studio reportedly has high hopes for what he can bring to the Kraven the Hunter movie. This news was first reported by Collider.