Kristen Bell has been stranded in Orlando, Florida due to the record breaking Hurricane Irma wreaking havoc on the state of Florida after decimating parts of the Caribbean. Instead of staying in her hotel room, the actress visited a middle school that was being used as a shelter to sing songs from the animated Disney classic Frozen, sign autographs, and help out in any way that she could. The news comes after Bell was able to secure a room at her hotel for fellow Frozen costar, Josh Gad's family in her Orlando hotel after Gad had tweeted that his family was stranded with no place to go.

True to her Twitter bio, "Be kind. Do good. Spread joy," Kristen Bell did just that. Video from Bell's performance comes to us via the Meadow Woods Middle School Twitter and it features Bell backed by two dancers, one of which is police officer that she says, "stole the show." After her performance, Bell addressed the audience. The actress had this to say.

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"I hope that helped. And I hope that maybe some of these songs are running through your head the rest of the day and will take your mind off (the storm)."

Bell then hung around to hang out with the families that had been evacuated from their homes due to the hurricane raging outside. Back at the hotel, Bell posted pictures on Instagram of her singing with one guest and dining with a group of seniors.

Kristen Bell is in Florida filming her Netflix comedy Like Father and she offered up the help of her show's crew to deliver goods and provide whatever service that they could to help. Bell even said, "I'm going to call some Bingo later on this afternoon" since her hotel had taken in over 1,000 displaced senior citizens. The star posted pictures and video on social media to spread the word while simultaneously lifting the spirits of all she came in contact with.

Bell was even keeping her signature sense of humor intact by tweeting out a video to her husband, Dax Shepard, of an elderly man singing. The caption below the video reads, "Dear Dax Shepard, this is john. My side piece in Orlando. I hope u understand. I'm powerless over a man who serenades me." Shepard quickly replied, ""I fully approve of this side action. Git it gurl." The posts started to pile up on social media which lead Bell to dub Hurricane Irma the best hurricane ever.

You can see Kristen Bell perform Frozen songs at the middle school hurricane shelter below as well as a bunch of people sharing her good deeds and thanking her for her uplifting spirit. It's not every day that you see people come out to help their fellow humans who are in need, especially since she could have just holed up in her hotel room and quietly waited for the storm to pass. Kristen Bell put some smiles on the faces of people that so desperately need them and that's the best entertainment in the world.