Kristen Bell has boarded the indie black comedy Dance of the Mirlitons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Evan Greenberg wrote the script and is directing.

Evan Greenberg's script centers on an ambitious, slightly overweight ballerina with an overbearing mother (Kristen Bell) who will stop at nothing to become a star. The girl enters a Mean Girls-type environment when she has to prove her worth in class.

Casting is underway for a young actress to play a precocious 10- to 12-year old.

"We're looking to discover an unknown," said Evan Greenberg, adding he hopes to go down the route of movies such as Billy Elliot and Little Miss Sunshine, both of which uncovered talented youngsters: 13-year-old Jamie Bell, and 10-year-old Abigail Breslin, respectively.

The producers are location scouting and hope to begin shooting in winter.