The actress goes domestic in her first after "Sex in the City" role

Kristin Davis has taken an unlikely career turn post "Sex in the City". She plays a mother and wife in her first after show role. I've never seen one episode of "Sex in the City", but am quite amazed by its impact on popular culture. Kristin embraces the change, but still credits the show for its effect on her career. Kristin is quite a stunner in person. Fans out there will be happy to know that she is as good looking in real life as on film. Trust me; this is not always the case.

You have a quite a few scenes acting with the dog. How was that?

Kristin Davis: Cole is amazing. He's quite impressive. I'm a dog-lover fanatic, so that was fun for me. And Zena (Grey) and Spencer (Breslin), typically they're children but they're really mature. So it wasn't the cliché of working with children, do you know what I mean? They were beyond their years.

Was it difficult to communicate with an animal?

Kristin Davis: Well, I am a dog lover as I said, and a dog owner, and I talk to my dog ALL the time. Maybe not exactly like the way in the movie (laughs). There's maybe a little more in the movie but it wasn't hard. It is a different acting experience, definitely. My dog, I've had a relationship with since she was a baby. But with Cole, you're also working with Ray and Mark, his trainers, because that's how you do it. Cole of course he is a dog so he has to rehearse. So it's more an adjustment of working with extra people who aren't in the scene. So it's more a technical adjustment.

Did you grow up watching the classic Disney films and did you ever think you were going to be in one?

Kristin Davis: Never, never did I think I would be in a Disney movie. I'd never seen The Shaggy Dog. It was before my time I believe. I'd seen "Lady and the Tramp," Bambi, those types. So I never thought I'd be in one of those. I was shocked when they offered me this movie. I think it was the first part that I had gotten after the show. But the sweet thing that I love about the whole idea of The Shaggy Dog is that he (Tim Allen) learns to be a better human by being a dog and I do think that's kind of relevant because we can learn a lot from dogs and watching dogs. We can't become them but if you could, I bet you would be a better human and I bet you'd be a better father, spouse. Dogs are very, very pleasant with people that they're connected to.

This movie is opening opposite Sarah Jessica Parker's Failure to Launch.

Kristin Davis: The exact same day!

Do you have a wager as to which movie will do better?

Kristin Davis: We don't care. I love her, so movie grosses do not infringe on that. We joked about it. Failure to Launch was going to [open] in February I think. She goes, "They moved the release date March," and I go, "What do you mean they moved the release date to March? March what, MARCH 10TH?!" That's business, it's not personal.

How do you think "Sex in the City" has changed your career?

Kristin Davis: Well obviously, it's very different for me because I am not as well-known as her. Before I did the show, I was on "Melrose Place" where I played an unlikable person. So it was good for me to play a likable person and it was just an amazing situation to be in. We never thought that we would have the success that we had in a million years. Never, never. I remember we did the whole first season before it was even on the air and we were really concerned that people were going to freak out and hate us. We were really worried that men were going to hate us, and that feminists were going to hate us, especially at the beginning because we talked a lot about men. We were like, "They're going to be mad. What are we going to do?" We were very, very worried. We had no idea that it would be embraced as much as it was. We still can't believe it, frankly.