A CW spin-off series just got their casting under way. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Krysten Ritter has signed on to the Gossip Girl spin-off series on the CW Network.

The series will revolve around the 80s teen years of Lily van der Woodsen, the matriarch of Serena, played by Kelly Rutherford on the current series. This spin-off will see Lily van der Woodsen forced to move from her posh lifestyle to living with her sister, Carol (Ritter), the outcast of the family who lives modestly in the San Fernando Valley.

Ritter will also appear in the upcoming second season of AMC's hit series Breaking Bad.

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The spin-off was created by Gossip Girl creators Josh Scwartz and Stephanie Savage. The back-door pilot will air as a regular Gossip Girl episode on May 11.