It might have been second place on the charts, but by circumstance, Kung Fu Panda was by far the big winner on the DVD charts... after just one day in release. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kung Fu Panda took second place on the national DVD sales charts, behind Get Smart, even though the film was only on the shelves for one day.

The disc's Sunday release was a first in home video, attempting to capitalize off Sunday morning newspaper inserts, and the disc's first-day Sunday sales accounted for 90% of what the week's winner, Get Smart, had ammassed in the entire week. Last week's sales winner, Tinker Bell.

Get Smart and Kung Fu Panda finished 1-2 in the rental charts as well, with rental winner from last week, Journey to the Center of Earth 3D, finishing in third place.

Get Smart completed the weekly sweep with a win in the Blu-ray sales charts, followed by last week's winner Journey to the Center of Earth 3D. Kung Fu Panda finished fifth on the BD sales charts.