Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared the first image from Kung Fury 2. The legendary actor is playing the president in the highly anticipated sequel. Schwarzenegger has quite a bit of experience with politics after serving as the 38th governor of California from 2003 to 2011, so playing the president for a movie shouldn't be so much of a stretch for the actor/politician. Many were surprised to see Schwarzenegger's name attached to the sequel when it was revealed earlier this year. However, the actor is a huge fan of Kung Fury creator David Sandberg.

David Sandberg successfully crowdfunded Kung Fury in 2014 and set out to make the martial arts comedy movie. Sandberg was a Swedish commercial director, but was unhappy, so he decided it was time for a change. He chose to pursue his dream of making Kung Fury. The gamble paid off in a major way and Arnold Schwarzenegger counts himself as a fan. He had this to say about hooking up with Sandberg.

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"I met David Sandberg four years ago, right after I saw the original Kung Fury. I absolutely loved it and could not stop laughing so I had to meet him. Now we are finally in Munich shooting. I just had to share with you guys, because I'm so proud of him for making his hilarious vision into a reality. For those of you who want to get into the movies, he's proof that if you have the vision and you work non-stop and keep hustling away, you can do it."

Arnold Schwarzenegger posted the Kung Fury 2 image on Reddit and answered a few questions about the sequel before having to get back to work. One of the main questions fans had was how Schwarzenegger was introduced to David Sandberg in the first place, which the actor revealed. As it turns out, the two have a lot in common. Schwarzenegger explains.

"I saw the original like a lot of you. That's why I say David is an inspiration. If he tried to sell this script I think people would laugh at him. But he went out there, got fans excited and made something to prove he could do it. It's a serious success story."

Arnold Schwarzenegger did the same hustle when he came to the United States in 1968. He had always dreamed of coming to America and did so through his bodybuilding talents. When he arrived, he was 21-years old and barely spoke any English. In 1970, at the age of 23, he won his first Mr. Olympia title in New York, and would go on to win the title a total of seven times. From there, he conquered his accent and entered the world of Hollywood. So, it makes sense that Schwarzenegger would admire David Sandberg for taking his own route and becoming a success on his own terms.

Kung Fury 2 is currently shooting in Munich. In addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger and David Sandberg, the sequel also stars Michael Fassbender as Kung Fury's partner Colt Magnum, Alexandra Shipp as Rey Porter, Jorma Taccone as Adolf Hitler, Leopold Nisson as Hackerman, and Eleni Young as Barbarianna. David Hasselhoff lends his voice to Hoff 9000, a Thundercop who transformed into a car. The sequel is shaping up to be quite the event and will hit theaters in 2020. Arnold Schwarzenegger first shared the Kung Fury 2 image on Reddit.