Kurt Russell originated the role of Snake Plissken in John Carpenter's 1981 classic, Escape From New York, and then again in Escape from L.A..

Now, it's all the rage to remake every great movie out there - but this is one franchise no one should ever redo. Kurt as the iconic character saving the president - this is movie history, people. But coming on the heels of the success of 300, star Gerard Butler is taking over the reigns as Snake in an updated version of Escape From New York.

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Speaking with non other than Snake himself, Kurt Russell, there was one thing on my mind - his feelings on the remake. He definitely said plenty about it, and was very adamant as well - check it out:

Joking about his Grindhouse character, "Wait till Stuntman Mike hears about this, hahaha!" He continued, "Look, I did Disney movies, they're remade those. I did Stargate, they made that into a TV show. I did Backdraft, they made that into TV shows. They're going to remake The Thing, they're going to remake Escape From New York. There's three or four other movies, I've heard they're going to remake."

He then gave his real opinion saying, "That's interesting, why not, sure go ahead. I think Carpenter owned the first one, so he must have given them the right to do it; that's cool, whatever. I do think it's interesting that creating something - an iconic character, which that will never change; that will always be there and you can go see that. People can check that Snake out and that Escape From New York world out. But, I do feel already one thing already, that if I were there, and while I'm saying 'good luck' to you all, I will say 'interesting start, interesting to see where you're going to go with that.' I know one thing in creating a character, you know all about him. I know one thing about him - he's quintessentially American. So good luck."

But I had to dig deeper, and as Kurt was saying Snake is an iconic character, my feeling is Kurt Russell as Snake is that iconic character. "No more so than Sean Connery owns 007; that's my opinion, too. But there's no reason that is, because they've gone on and made a franchise and done a lot of movies. I'll just say the same thing I always say about Snake, knowing him so much, he's done. Any character, I know that guy, and my feeling on that is - I'm on in my life doing what I'm doing, and I'm doing Grindhouse. And at the moment, I'm caring about maybe 30 years from now, somebody is going to want to do their Stuntman Mike - that's cool. But nothing's sacred in our business."

Talking about a cameo in the Escape remake, "I would consider it for a sh*t load of money."

You can check out Kurt in Quentin Tarantino's half of Grindhouse, Death Proof, in theaters April 6th; it's rated R.