The actresses latest is truly a family film

Kyra Sedgwick produces and stars in Loverboy, a tragic tale about a woman who resorts to desperate measures to keep her son's attention. The film is a family affair for Kyra and hubby Kevin Bacon, who also directed. Their children, Sosie and Travis, co-star; while Kevin's brother Michael did the music. You'll also find cameos from longtime friends Oliver Platt, Matt Dillon, Campbell Scott, and Sandra Bullock. Kyra can also be seen in the upcoming season of "The Closer" on the TNT cable network.

How did you find this story?

Kyra Sedgwick: The book came to me from a friend who owns a store. I thought it was beautiful. I thought it was very poetic, very visual. It's haunting; it's repelling, sad, beautiful, funny...I thought it was extraordinary. I knew something was going to happen, and I couldn't stop turning the pages. I said to Kevin [Bacon], "You've got to read this book. It's really great." He read it and thought it would be a really great movie.

Has the author of the book seen the movie? How did she feel about the changes?

Kyra Sedgwick: She embraced it right away. She felt the movie isn't the book. They're two totally different entities. While there are kernels of both within both, she really saw it as a different artistic expression.

You co-produced this film. Talk about wearing that hat and what that means to you as an actress to have this opportunity to produce.

Kyra Sedgwick: I think you have to have the passion behind it, otherwise it's a total waste of time. Nobody will follow your lead. I thought it was a fascinating role. I think we've been drawn to exploring the dark side of humanity-I think we're over it by the way. I think we're surrounded by people we don't understand and who seem to do monstrous things, but who are not monsters. I feel my job as an actor is to explore all sides of humanity. This was a side I was interested in exploring. In some ways, as a mother or a parent, everyone can relate to the idea of when you have a child, you birth this child, you feed it, clothe it, shelter it. And as they grow up, you have to let them go out into the world. It's such an unnatural act to let your child walk into the street ultimately. Everyone can relate to how hard that is. Everyone can understand the need to protect this child-granted some go to an extreme. But I think it's certainly something people can relate to.

How is this being a family affair given the darkness of the subject?

Kyra Sedgwick: I've always been able to let stuff go when I'm done with work. For Sosie, it probably was an interesting journey to go to this place where she did have a girl crush on Sandra Bullock. She feels the neglect of the parents. It was odder for her than for me. Bringing all the family on was something I never planned. We knew Michael [Bacon, Kevin's brother] was going to do the music because he did a great job with the first film that we did. We figured Rob, my brother, would have a part. Kevin said Sosie would be perfect, but we have a family rule that no one is allowed to do anything professionally until they're 18 because I got into the business at 16 and I thought I was too young. But a couple of days later, Kevin came back and said, "But she's got such a great voice!" So we said, "Well, let's ask her."

How old is she?

Kyra Sedgwick: Now she's 14. But at the time, she was 11.

Is she interested in acting?

Kyra Sedgwick: I think that she's not. On the second day of shooting, she said she was so tired, she had worked so hard. She said, "I think I've got this whole acting thing out of my system." I thought, "Excellent!"

Who was your inspiration for your character Emily?

Kyra Sedgwick: In a way, it was Mrs. Harker. In a way, it was Sandra Bullock.

What was it about Sandra Bullock?

Kyra Sedgwick: First of all, she's extraordinary. I do think that she is the perfect Mrs. Harker, who is this altruistic mother with a sick child. She gave everything up for her kids. She exposed them to music, to beautiful things. She dressed beautiful, and she was beautiful. She was the magical creature that saw the world in this very wonderful way. That's what Emily is going for. That's her role model. And Sandra did it perfectly, beyond her wildest dreams.

How did you get Sandra to do a small part in the film?

Kyra Sedgwick: Don't ask me. We sent it to her, and she said yes. With vim and vigor she said yes.

You have these really great scenes with the little boy, Dominic Scott Kay. What was it like working with him? He seemed very good for such a little kid.

Kyra Sedgwick: He's amazing. I think he's a natural. While it is challenging working with a kid, because they're so of the moment all the time. My acting style is to try to take something from my life that the character can relate to and that I can relate the character to. I would talk to him about how to talk and listen and make that believable. We would talk about his life and the parallels he might have to this kid's life. I thought he was great.

Was there ever a moment that you and Kevin weren't on the same page about the character?

Kyra Sedgwick: There was a moment in the car-the one moment when she really breaks down and cries after the scene where he yells at her-I didn't see her crying in that scene. He came up to me at the last minute and said, "I really need you to cry." I was like, "We haven't discussed this. I can't just cry. I haven't prepared for anything." I think I was so upset by the concept that we hadn't talked about it, and I felt so emotional that I just burst into tears. It was great. It was perfect. It was important to really see her crumble in that way. Normally, she's really stoic, so it was important to see that in her face. But I just didn't see it that way. He thought that I knew that was what needed to be done. Other than that, I think we were on the same page.

You shot this before "The Closer"?

Kyra Sedgwick: This was shot two years ago, so way before.

You've got a full plate right now. Where do you put in other projects? The producing role is going to continue for you?

Kyra Sedgwick: I hope so. "The Closer" is a six month gig, which does leave six months in the year. I really want to do a film in my hiatus this year. But right now, I don't have a project that I'm trying to get produced. Right now, I'm looking to be hired.

What should we expect to see from your character on "The Closer"?

Kyra Sedgwick: I think you'll see a little more vulnerability, a deeper portrayal on my part.

Loverboy is in NY, LA, Boston, Chicago and Philidelphia now and is rated 'R' for sexuality.