The Good

Hot storylines and even hotter girls make this DVD a must watch for fans and newcomers alike.

The Bad

The extras on this release were weak.

The L Word: The Complete Fourth Season chronicles the lives and loves of a bunch of women who inhabit the lesbian community in Los Angeles. We are treated to intertwining storylines, subject matter that carries over week after week, and more importantly we are shown a world that isn't looked at through an irony laden lens. This season opens with a kidnapping in "Legend in the Making." Bette, to get back at Tina, steals her baby with very interesting consequences. Shane doesn't keep her promise to Carmen, Jenny rekindles things with Marina and Helena is suddenly dropped into the real world by her mom. The ups and downs continue for our characters in episodes like "Lassoed," "Lez Girls," and "Lexington and Concord." The final episode in this 12 episode series, "Long Time Coming" sees Tina returning to her lesbian lifestyle, Bette trying to get Jodi back and Shane turns things up with Paige.

While some people might a look at a show like this and say that's Melrose Place with lesbians, I think this show has something more. The mere fact that it is brought to us from Showtime allows things to go a little deeper and richer in every area.


Message from Pam Grier and Leisha Hailey

This segment of the DVD was beset by pretty bad audio. What it is a message from Grier and Hailey as they talk about the need for more people to adopt pets. There is a place that people can go called Much Love Animal Rescue and they can pick up pets that might otherwise be euthanized. As a fan of pets (I own a cat), I like that these ladies have taken the time to support this important cause.


The Fanlib Sweepstakes Winners

Here we get to meet up close and personal the winners of last season's Fanlib contest. We get to hear their stories, told by them, and basically they talk about how they came up with their ideas for this show. While not the most interesting featurette in the world, I think that it's good that this release tries to show that no matter what our sexual orientation is we all have similar needs and experiences.


Widescreen. I have always found that The L Word, whether watching it on TV or DVD has a dark, candlelight quality about it. There is a richness to all the images that seems to purposely conflict with one another whenever we move into or out of the exteriors and interiors. Also, since this show does shoot many beautiful women, I have to give the creators credit for making everyone look divine.


Dolby Digital. Once I turned things about about halfway up on my television set they played really nicely. At first I was surprised at how low things were but once I got the situation leveled it all played really nicely. They have given this release a very strong soundtrack that underscores really nicely the various scenes, moments and moods that are trying to be conveyed.


This pink, slipcase cover showcases all of the 10 main characters and they're all dolled up and dressed to impress. The back features another shot of this group, a description of what this show is about, a Special Features listing, a credits list and technical specs. The four discs that make up this set are stored in four slipcase covers all of which contain more artwork from the show, as well as episode listings and descriptions.

Final Word

I am going to be honest and admit that this show first sparked my interest because its stars are so hot. However, once I sat down (before I was given this release no less) and decided to take down an episode, I was impressed with just how far this show was willing to go. The L Word never seems afraid to push the envelope. In fact, simply by the subject matter that it chooses to open up it really seems to lend itself to becoming something more than a sensational piece of TV. These characters are strongly written, their stories are given a large degree depth and all of this works to make for the kind of show that most likely never would have seen the light of day on Network Television.

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