A jazz pianist and an aspiring actress fall in love but face difficulties as they become more successful in the new romantic musical La La Land. Today, we have the first trailer. And if proves one thing, it's that stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone can't keep their eyes off each other. And they obviously like working together, as this isn't the first or even second movie that makes good use of the pair's chemistry.

La La Land marks the duo's third movie together. They were first paired as mismatched lovers in the 2011 romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love. Just two years later, they would reunite for the 2013 period crime drama Gangster Squad, where they would once again work side by side in an ensemble of today's biggest and brightest stars. Now, together, they both attempt to sing in a musical that arrives just in time for the Holidays on December 16.

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Ryan Gosling is Sebastian, a dedicated jazz musician who struggles to cope with life in Los Angeles. Emma Stone plays his girlfriend, the aspiring actress Mia. Together, they attempt to crave a niche out for themselves in Hollywood while the pressures of making it big weigh down on their blossoming relationship. Will they make it in the big city? Or will Tinsletown crumble their dreams, aspirations and their love for one another?

Though short, this sneak peek is a montage set to the tune of 'City of Stars'. It is an original song from the La La Land soundtrack. And here it is performed by Ryan Gosling. Sebastian and Mia are seen trying to support each other as a couple as they go through the tiresome cycle of auditions, performances and rejections. Proving this is a tale as old as Hollywood itself.

La La Land is a contemporary Hollywood musical. And it will likely melt the heart of any sucker awaiting the next great love story. The movie has already ben selected to open the Venice Film Festival next month. And some are speculating that this will be one of the few movies to give Oscar a run for its money this award season.

La La Land marks the second feature for writer and director Damien Chazelle following his breakout 2014 drama Whiplash. That movie earned three Oscars, including Best Supporting Actor for J.K. Simmons. Simmons returns here alongside co-stars John Legend, Finn Wittrock and Rosemarie DeWitt. Take a look as Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling head to La La Land courtesy of Youtube. You can also download the song 'City of Stars' from iTunes, with a look at the single's cover art here.

City of Sars La La Land single cover