With TriStar Pictures steadily moving forward with their plans for Labyrinth 2, many fans have taken to social media to campaign for Tilda Swinton as the new Goblin King. When Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson signed on to direct Labyrinth 2 this week, fan discussions ensued online with many wondering who might replace the late David Bowie in his iconic role as Jareth. Before long, Swinton's name was brought into the conversation, and now the fan interest behind the idea has been quickly picking up steam online.

"So I just learned that a sequel to Labyrinth is being put into production. Putting aside the fact that this makes me feel despair, we can all agree that Tilda Swinton should play Jareth, right?" one big fan of the original tweeted, echoing the thoughts of many others. "Tilda Swinton as Jareth, or I'm out," another fan bluntly states. Although the recent update on the sequel has brought about an outpouring of fan support for the potential casting of Swinton as Jareth, it's also apparent some fans have been wanting this for years, as another four-year-old tweet reads: "The ONLY acceptable reboot of Labyrinth would be casting Tilda Swinton as Jareth."

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This week, it was reported that Scott Derrickson will be directing Labyrinth 2 with Maggie Levin penning the screenplay. Lisa Henson of The Jim Henson Company is also on board to produce with Brian Henson executive producing. In the original movie, Connelly co-starred with Bowie as a 16-year-old girl navigating her way through an otherworldly maze to rescue her younger brother. No plot details have yet been revealed about the sequel, and it's also unclear at this time if producers are planning to bring back Connelly as Sarah Williams.

If the character will be a part of the sequel, casting the new Goblin King just might be the biggest challenge Derrickson and the producers will face with Labyrinth 2. Tilda Swinton isn't a name that immediately came to mind for me, but I have to admit that it's a fantastic idea and I really can't think of anyone who could do better. Because it's now clear that many of the fans of the original movie are on board with Swinton in the role, hopefully her name will be taken into consideration.

Tilda Swinton and David Bowie have actually shared the screen before, as the former played the latter's wife in a promotional video for Bowie's song, "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)." It can only help Swinton in hypothetically taking over his classic role as Jareth if she's worked with him and gotten to know him on a personal level. Of course, Swinton has experience working with Derrickson as well, as also she appeared in Doctor Strange. All of the right pieces are here for the potential casting to happen, so let's hope that it does. Courtesy of David Bowie on YouTube, y ou can watch the music video with Swinton and Bowie below, and straight from Twitter, you can also check out some of the fan campaigning for Swinton to become the new Goblin King.