Jennifer Connelly didn't even know that Labyrinth 2 was happening. The actress recently sat down for an interview to promote Alita: Battle Angel when she was asked about the long-awaited sequel. When asked if she was interested in returning, Connelly looked pretty surprised and said, "I didn't even know that, to be honest."

So, it doesn't look like Jennifer Connelly will be back as her Sarah character from the iconic Labyrinth unless something pretty big happens in the near future.

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It has been reported that the script for Labyrinth 2 is complete, but director Fede Alvarez recently clarified and revealed that a draft of the script is complete, which means that there will more than likely need to be some rewrites before the production process begins. With that being said, Alvarez states that he never believes that a script is truly finished and went on to say that the first draft that they have is "amazing." It's also something that Alvarez doesn't want to rush, so he admits that they will be taking their time.

1986's Labyrinth is a beloved classic, which starred David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King. A sequel has been talked about for decades, but nothing has come through to the finish line. In 2016, Nicole Perlman announced that she was writing the script for the sequel, but it was later revealed in 2017 that Fede Alvarez was confirmed to direct, as well as co-write the script with Jay Basu. Jim Henson's daughter Lisa Henson, and David Bowie's son Duncan Jones will serve as co-producers on the long-awaited project.

As far as Labyrinth 2 story details, those obviously aren't available at this time. However, Fede Alvarez has revealed that the project will not be a reboot and will instead be a continuation of the first movie. Alvarez didn't elaborate any further, but he did state that he was really happy with what he and the Hensons had come up with. Obviously, David Bowie can't be involved since he sadly passed away in 2016. Much like Ghostbusters 3, which is set to begin filming soon, Alvarez has a pretty massive task ahead of him that is going to be incredibly hard to pull off.

Labyrinth was not a box office sensation upon its release in 1986. The movie didn't even make its initial budget of $25 million back, but that all changed when the movie was released on video. Since then, the movie has become a cult classic that still sells out anniversary screenings to this day. Taking on a sequel over 30 years after the original without any of the original human cast is a pretty big gamble. Maybe the puppets will return since they are able to. Whatever the case may be, it doesn't look like Jennifer Connelly will be involved. You can watch the interview with Connelly below, thanks to the Moovy TV YouTube channel.