Join the journey through this twisted maze of events "where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems," with Jim Henson's Labyrinth Anniversary Edition, available from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on DVD August 14th for the SLP of $24.96. Starring Grammy-winning rock legend David Bowie (Best Music Video, Short form, David Bowie, 1984) and Academy Award-winner Jennifer Connelly (Best Actress in a Supporting Role, A Beautiful Mind, 2001), this genre-bending fairytale was directed by Jim Henson and produced by Henson with Academy Award-winner George Lucas (Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, 1992), and includes an original soundtrack written and performed by David Bowie. The Labyrinth Anniversary Edition includes 60 minutes of exclusive featurettes, including all-new interviews with executive producer George Lucas as well as the film's creators, puppeteers, and others behind the magic. Along with an astounding array of recently rediscovered footage, new high definition transfer and new stylized packaging make this DVD a must-own for a generation of film fans.


Labyrinth tells the story of Sarah (Jennifer Connolly), a young teenager with an active imagination, who, when frustrated with babysitting her baby brother, summons the goblins to take him away. Be careful what you wish for, because when little Toby disappears, Sarah must follow him into a puzzling fantasy world to rescue him from the Goblin King (David Bowie). Guarding the castle is The Labyrith itself: a complex and twisted maze of trickery, including outrageous characters and inexplicable dangers that Sarah must get through in time to save Toby.

Starring: David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly

Produced by: Jim Henson and George Lucas

Directed by: Jim Henson.

DVD Features:

- Newly Rediscovered footage recovered from Jim Henson's home in England

- 60 minutes of featurettes, new interviews of the writers and performers behind the magic including: George Lucas (Executive Producer), Brian Henson (Hoggle/Goblin Voice/Puppeteer/CO-CEO, The Jim Henson Company), Brian Froud (Conceptual Designer/Supervisor), Karen Prell (The Worm/The Junk Lady/Firey 2), Dave Goelz (Didymus/The Hat/The Guard/L. Doorknocker/Firey 3), Mira Velimorivic (Jim Henson's Creative Assistant), Gates McFadden (Choreographer), Toby Froud (Toby), Jane Gootnick (Senior Puppet Builder)

Technical Specs:

- Rating: PG

- CC: Yes

- Run Time: 96 minutes