Batman Vs. Superman: Two weeks ago we reported that Wolfgang Peterson had been officially chosen to head up Warner Brothers new superhero flick,Batman Vs. Superman At the time he was quoted as having said that it would not take more than two or three weeks to cast the two lead roles. He also said that the people he chose would be actors and not Hollywood stars. Well, today Aint It Cool claims they have the names in Wolfgang's little envelope. And if they are correct, then they fit the above criteria. According to their source Batman will be played by Colin Farrell, and Superman will be played by Jude Law. Only time will tell how these rumors pan out.

Indiana Jones 4:Film Force has a nice little story about Indy 4 today. Producer Frank Marshall was quoted as saying the impetus for moving ahead with another Jones film was a nostalgic moment the four big Hollywood players shared at a 2001 event honoring Harrison Ford. He also said that there are certain elements in all of the Jones films that they will try and make sure are present in the fourth installment. One such element is a touch of the supernatural. Stay tuned to Lights Out for more Indy 4 news as it happens.

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Star Trek: Nemesis: Our friends over at Coming Soon have posted an excellent interview with Patrick Stewart, who plays Captain Picard in the Star Trek franchise. In the interview he goes into detail about how there is much action, multiple plot lines, and how the excitement for this film is tremendous! Head on over and check it out!

Thanks to Coming Soon!

Alexander the Great: According to sources all over the entertainment world the race is over and Baz Luhrman has won. There have been rumors all over the world about multiple projects based on Alexander the Great in the works. It seems now that Baz Luhrman will be the one to get the full go ahead using a script penned by Ted Tally (Silence of the Lambs). What's very intriguing is that in an article at Film Four he is quoted as saying he'd like to launch a whole trilogy of historical pictures.

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