Disney's live action remake of their classic animated movie Lady and the Tramp is continuing to move out of development and into pre-production and is now in the middle of its casting process. The remake has now added Justin Theroux and Ashley Jensen to its voice cast, and is already showing quite a bit of promise.

Justin Theroux, who is best known for his work in Mulholland Drive, American Pscyho, The Leftovers, and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, has been cast in the starring role of Tramp, according to a recent report from Collider. Theroux and Disney are currently finishing their negotiations for the casting, so his involvement isn't entirely set in stone yet, but it's unlikely that he will back out. Theroux previously worked with Lady and the Tramp director Charlie Bean on The LEGO Ninjago Movie. Hopefully, though, Lady and the Tramp will turn out a lot better.

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Ashley Jensen, who has played a number of comedic roles over the years in movies like Arthur Christmas and Ugly Betty, has also been cast in the movie, but she's not playing Lady. Instead, she will be playing a gender-swapped version of Jock the Scottish Terrier, who is now named Jackie. Hopefully Jensen's comedic style will show in what is sure to be a truly hilarious role.

According to the report, Disney is still working on finding a voice actress to play the female lead, Lady. Hopefully Lady's casting news will appear within the next few weeks, as many Disney fans are surely anxious to see which actress will be playing across from Justin Theroux in this reboot of the animated classic. However, we should also hope that Disney doesn't rush the casting as the chemistry between the two stars will need to be perfect in order to properly match the romantic emotion from the original.

Unlike the more recent live action Disney remakes, Lady and the Tramp will not release directly in theaters. Instead, this is one movie that Disney is planning on releasing on their streaming service. In order to compete with Netflix, Disney's streaming service will feature a variety of exclusive content, featuring more live action remakes, in addition to TV series based on movies like Star Wars and Monsters Inc.. While Lady and the Tramp may not have as big of a draw as Star Wars, it is still likely to attract plenty of viewers to their streaming service.

Even though the release of Lady and the Tramp is still at least a year or two out, it is still exciting. The original Lady and the Tramp is one of Disney's best romantic movies, and its spaghetti-kiss scene has become iconic since the movie first released over 60 years ago. This casting of Justin Theroux as Tramp, reported by Collider, is a great sign as Theroux is a truly fantastic actor. Hopefully even more talented people are brought on for this movie in the coming year, as Disney fans surely have high expectations for this reboot. You will be able to see Lady and the Tramp when it releases on Disney's streaming service, possibly next year.