Land of the Dead DVD Info

Rumor has it Universal Home Entertainment will release unrated versions, along with the theatrical cut of George A. Romero's Land of the Dead on October 18th, just in time for Halloween.

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Extras have not yet been announced, but in an interview conducted by IGN Filmforce in June with Romero himself, the director revealed what they were currently working on at the time...

"The DVD version, we are working on it now," he reveals. "I think it's about six minutes longer, but it's all just adding back or putting in some effects that were excised and putting in some little things like little bits of dialogue in existing scenes that we cut out just to tighten the pace. It's mostly that, and that penthouse scene."

Romero says that he employed a few CGI tricks to bypass some of the MPAA's objections to the film's gore for the theatrical cut, but did not indicate whether the shots would be restored for the DVD. "Universal was more willing to pony up a little more dough, [so] we got an extra few days to try and improve on some of the gore things and dance around the MPAA a little bit by doing the shadow thing and smoke thing to indicate what was going on without actually having it in your face."

"I used Kubrick's trick on green screen," he explains. "I shot figures walking by so if there was a particular gory shot I could composite it and walk someone in front of it." He marvels at the MPAA's vigilance when it comes to excising or editing questionable footage. "It's amazing sometimes that the MPAA will do a frame count."

"Like nobody knows what's going on here? If it's eight frames shorter it's okay? But I guess they have to be diligent and that's the only way that they measure it. 'Make that a little shorter so it will be alright'," he says, imitating their response.