Prison Break's Lane Garrison is taking a break from acting (and an 18-month jail stint) to write a screenplay for One Heart, the true story of a football team from the Gainesville (Texas) State School that's made up of kids convicted of crimes involving drugs, violence and robbery, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Dallas-based producer Steve Riach is spearheading the project, which hopes to capitalize on the success of Alcon's football movie The Blind Side, which has become a hit in the U.S., especially in the South.

After a 2008 season in which they lost every game and were outscored 300-14, the Tornadoes went on the road to play Faith Christian School, whose coach mobilized his community so that the town cheered not for his Faith Lions but for Gainesville. The Tornadoes still lost, but it wasn't a wipeout. And for the first time, the players felt like a team and not the sum total of their crimes.

"I was moved to tears," Garrison said, "because I knew who those kids were because I was one of them. I knew what it was to be locked away and feel hopelessness and feel like, 'Will I ever have another redeeming quality; will I have a second chance? ' "