According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Larry Gordon has something to say about his role in the Watchmen saga.

Gordon sent a letter to U.S. District Court Judge Gary Feess that essentially blames Fox and the lawyers he had at the time for what's happening now, but it also states his side of the story in the ruling that ultimately gave fox a stake in the Zack Snyder-directed film.

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Gordon claims that he has been wrought with "significant public scorn" for what has transpired. He also feels that he answered deposition questions as well as he was able to.

Judge Gary Feess has not and will not read the letter citing it as an "improper communication."

Gordon defends his agreements with Fox that took place in the 1990s and during the legal proceedings.

The letter says, "Mr. Gordon clearly testified that he does not recall any conversations he had with representatives of Fox in or about 1994 relating to Watchmen."

Going back to the poor job his legal team did, Gordon says that he and those attorneys didn't know about the "1991 quitclaim agreement that granted Fox distribution rights to the film and a share of profits if Gordon made it elsewhere."

In fact, Gordon goes on to say that his lawyer at the time, Tom Hunter, never got the aforementioned quitclaim.

"It is Mr. Gordon's position that the execution of the 1994 turnaround agreement was the result of either a mutual mistake by both parties or a unilateral mistake made by his counsel, on which Mr. Gordon relied," his letter offers.

A timeline is currently being laid out for Feess to decide whether he will issue an injunction, which would effectively stop Warner Bros. from releasing the movie on March 6.

In addition to this, Lloyd Levin, another producer on the film had some choice words for Fix on the site HitFix.