It's become common practice for movie trailers to use clips that were ultimately deleted from the final cut of their film. While this is a regularity in Hollywood, it's often confusing and irritating to not see a part that you were expecting when you actually go to see that film in theaters. Unfortunately, the Star Wars franchise is no stranger to this trend.

One particular highlight from the marketing of The Last Jedi that was strangely not included in the final cut of the film was a shot of an unconscious Finn in a domed medical bed. This shot made many fans nervous and fearful for the future of the former stormtrooper, as many predicted Finn could've been in a coma or paralyzed for a good portion of the movie. While we did see Finn immediately waking up in his domed bed, pulling himself out, in his broken medical outfit about 15 minutes into the beginning of the movie, we never actually saw him unconscious like we did in the trailer.

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This deleted scene was recently leaked online, and was revealed to actually be the alternate opening scene after the opening crawl. This alternative clip begins by tilting down from the opening crawl down to a few Resistance ships, and then continues to tilt down to the shot of Finn in his bed from the trailer.

Finn proceeds to wake up for the first time since The Force Awakens, as he does in the actual movie, but here he goes and looks out the window of the ship, seeing the smaller Resistance ships boarding their larger ship to flee the approaching First Order. The scene continues aboard the Resistance ship, following Poe's response to the arrival of the First Order. He quickly wraps up a video conversation with Lieutenant Connix, who overseeing the final evacuation of their base on the planet D'Qar.

This was in contrast to the actual opening of the film, which quickly moved from the opening crawl down to D'Qar, following Lieutenant Connix rather than Poe and Finn. In the final cut of the film, Poe doesn't appear until he confronts the First Order in his X-Wing, and Finn doesn't appear until after the entire opening battle.

Reportedly, Director Rian Johnson was very displeased with the alternate opening, as it didn't suit his narrative. Instead, he insisted they replace it with the version we saw in the film. While many people likely prefer the actual opening of [The Last Jedi], there are also likely many that would've preferred the alternate cut.

One of the biggest complaints fans have about Director Rian Johnson was that he supposedly didn't follow the "rules" of the Star Wars universe. One such rule was that every Star Wars film previously opened by focusing on a ship in space. While The Last Jedi sort of did that, it quickly zoomed past these ships to put the focus instead on activity on a planet, which has never been done before.

The alternate opening to the film would've initially focused on a Hammerhead-Class Corvette, just like [Star Wars: A New Hope] did, before moving the focus into another ship, where we see Finn. While this was not Johnson's prefered opening to the movie, it may have actually made [The Last Jedi] to be better received by hardcore fans.

By opening with a moment that immediately "broke the rules," [The Last Jedi] put a bad taste in the mouth of some of the fans right from the start. However, we know that Rian Johnson makes all of his decisions to tell a good narrative, rather than trying to pander to critics, so we can understand his reasoning for changing the movie's opening. This scene first appeared over at the 7 Unitys Youtube channel.