There were a lot of surprises at this weekend's D23 Expo especially for fans of The Last Jedi. After the panel celebration, director Rian Johnson took time in an interview to comment on Benicio Del Toro's character and who he won't be. There has been plenty of speculation over the last few months about what character Del Toro will be playing in The Last Jedi. Some have said Boba Fett or a Sith Lord while the majority of fans have taken to believe that he was going to portray Ezra Bridger from the animated Star Wars Rebels.

Good Morning America spoke to Rian Johnson at the D23 Expo and directly asked him about whether Benicio Del Toro's D.J. character was actually Ezra Bridger or not. The speculation stems from the fact that fans believe it stands for Dark Jedi. When Johnson was asked, he thought for a moment and said D.J. is his own character and that it does indeed stand for something, but he ain't saying what it is just yet. So there you have it, Ezra Bridger will not be in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and D.J. does stand for something... but what does it stand for? Who is D.J.? In the massive Vanity Fair Star Wars issue released earlier in the year, Johnson did confirm that D.J. is not del Toro's actual name in Last Jedi. And that the character's real name is never spoken in the movie, nor was it included in the script. Nor is he ever called D.J. in any of the dialogue, it was just a placeholder for the other actors and crew members on set, with del Toro referred to as D.J. on the daily call sheet. So...Let the speculation continue.

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Ezra Bridger was a young, orphaned street urchin who was apparently very Force-sensitive. He resided on the Imperial-controlled planet Lothal's Capital City where he lived as a con artist and a thief to survive, living in an abandoned tower dubbed "Ezra's Tower." He was later taken in by Kanan Jarrus, becoming his Jedi apprentice and a part of the Ghost crew's Rebellion against the Empire. Ezra later struggled between being a true Jedi and letting the Dark Side slowly take over. D.J. definitely does not stand for Ezra Bridger.

Del Toro also sat down with Good Morning America over the weekend at the D23 Expo and expressed his excitement of getting a chance to play in the Star Wars universe. He also mentioned just how secretive the whole process has been and that he received the script on a code protected iPad, which is to be expected when you're working on one of the biggest projects in the cinematic world. During the interview Del Toro chooses his words very carefully as to not give anything away and he certainly did not give up anything about his character other than we probably won't see him until the second act of the movie.

Benicio Del Toro will not be bringing Ezra Bridger to life on the big screen, so that rumor can officially be put to rest. But just who is this mysterious D.J. character? Some fans have already started to speculate that there is some sort of connection between D.J. and Snoke and others claim that D.J. stands for Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi are mentioned as being pretty selfish beings that act alone, usually for personal gain. It just seems a bit too easy for Rian Johnson to say "Oh, he's a Dark Jedi, what should we call him? I know! I'll name him D.J." Stranger things have happened... In the meantime you can check out the brief interview with Rian Johnson below.