Despite being the most divisive Star Wars movie in the history of the franchise,The Last Jedi is currently the best-selling Blu-ray of 2018. We're roughly three-quarters of the way through the year and, by a pretty wide margin, director Rian Johnson's entry in a galaxy far, far away is leading the pack with 3.02 million units sold. That means, divisive as it may have been, Lucasfilm is still raking in the dough.

Black Panther comes in at the number two spot with 2.62 million units sold. Though, it's arguable that Black Panther is just as successful, or close to it, as the Marvel Studios release hit Blu-ray in mid-May, whereas The Last Jedi hit shelves back in March. Trailing those two billion dollar blockbuster behemoths is another MCU movie in the form of Thor: Ragnarok, with 2.34 million units sold so far in 2018.

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The big takeaway here is that Disney is clearly owning the movie marketplace right now. Not only are they easily the most dominant studio at the box office currently, but as evidenced by this list, they're also releasing movies that consumers like enough to own. Case in point, Pixar's Coco came in at the number four spot. The Mouse House is exercising a level of dominance that Hollywood frankly hasn't seen before and that's only going to increase, logic would dictate, once their purchase of 20th Century Fox is complete.

Controversy or no controversy, this list isn't terribly surprising when looking at the numbers. The Last Jedi grossed $1.33 billion worldwide. Black Panther did very similar business at $1.34 billion worldwide. These sales figures seem to largely follow along the lines that the most successful movies at the box office go on to sell the most copies on home video. There are some exceptions to that rule, such as Blade Runner 2049, which is sitting at the number nine spot. The movie was a relative bomb but clearly has a very devoted fanbase. Those sales probably won't be enough to save the movie from being something of a financial misfire.

In part, these sales figures for The Last Jedi may explain why Disney and Lucasfilm are still moving ahead with Rian Johnson's original Star Wars trilogy, which we still don't have too much information on at the present time. Johnson did recently confirm that he's still working on it though. Sorry, haters. You can check out a full list of the top ten highest-selling Blu-rays of 2018 so far for yourself below. The sales information used in this story was provided by The Numbers.

Highest Selling Blu-Ray Release of 2018

  • 1. The Last Jedi
  • 2. Black Panther
  • 3. Thor: Ragnarok
  • 4. Coco
  • 5. The Greatest Showman
  • 6. Justice League
  • 7. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
  • 8. IT
  • 9. Blade Runner 2049
  • 10. Ferdinand

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