Director J.J. Abrams came under fire for his Force Awakens ending that showed Leia hugging Rey, someone she didn't know, as Chewbacca passed by in the background. Han had just died, and the two iconic characters do not console each other. The Last Jedi attempted to right that wrong by having Leia hug Chewbacca at the end of the this latest sequel, as the last of the Resistance sets off for destinations unknown, with Chewbacca piloting them all in the Millennium Falcon. Now, we know what Leia said to Chewbacca during that hug, the final moment the two will ever share together on screen, at least with Carrie Fisher portraying the character of Leia.

The Last Jedi novelization has provided us with some insight into Snoke's past as well as a vision of what Luke Skywalker's life would have been like had he not chosen the Jedi path. And now, some more information has been revealed about Luke's last scene in the movie along with the Leia's last words to Chewbacca. As it turns out, The Last Jedi was almost a lot more of a tear jerker, but for reasons that aren't clear, Rian Johnson chose to leave these two pieces of dialogue out of the final cut.

According to The Last Jedi novelization, which was written by Jason Fry with assistance from Rian Johnson, Luke hears Obi Wan telling him to, "let go." When Luke dies, "Leia cries for Luke, Han, and Ben into Chewie when they hug at the end." Leia looks up at Chewie and says, "It's just us now." Rian Johnson let the audience fill in the blanks, but the book lays it all out there and hammers home the sadness that Leia is feeling at the end of The Last Jedi.

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As for Leia, the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher in late 2016 changed the whole story for Star Wars 9. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that the upcoming third and final piece of the new trilogy was going to center on General Organa. But now that won't be possible, so it looks like The Last Jedi novel has put some teasers into how Star Wars 9 will address Leia's death and it has to do with what many fans refer to as the "Leia Poppins" moment in the movie.

The new novel hints that Leia is not fully recovered from getting blown into space and then using the Force to fly back into the safety of the ship. Even for someone who is powerful enough to use the Force to fly through space (or utilize a 'Force pull' as some fans like to point out), it's more than likely a death sentence. The book states that Leia is still suffering from "solar radiation and hypoxia," which does not sound very good at all. It isn't clear if Star Wars 9 will address the "Leia Poppins" scene and her death, or if it will just have her go off somewhere else, like an old space home for the elderly in the Star Wars universe who suffer from solar radiation and hypoxia. Or if her death will simply be addressed in the opening crawl.

Disney and Lucasfilm have confirmed that they will not bring back a motion capture version of Carrie Fisher's Leia for Star Wars 9, so her disappearance will have to be brought up at some point and it seems that Jason Fry and Rian Johnson have given J.J. Abrams a way to explain how she passes away, if he decides to go that route. For now, it looks like it's only going to be Chewbacca left, which is even more sadder than just having Leia and the Wookie left. Rey had better adopt him when all is said and done. You can check out Leia's last words to Chewie below, thanks to Alicat's Twitter account.

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