Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi continues to divide Star Wars fanatics and earn some major money at the domestic box office. As of this writing, The Last Jedi has earned $423.7 million domestically, beating out Wonder Woman, who previously held the record at $412 million. The year still has a few days left, which means that the latest Star Wars movie could end up as the highest grossing movie of the year, unseating Disney's Beauty and the Beast live-action remake. The Last Jedi has only been out for a little over 2 weeks, which makes the numbers that much more impressive.

Deadline reports that The Last Jedi has a good chance of earning the top movie of 2017 honors this weekend, which would bring it over $504 million. The movie has been earning at a slower rate than previous movies in the franchise, but it's still cranking along at what has been a pretty dismal year at the domestic box office. Many attribute the sluggish sales to the mixed reviews that The Last Jedi has been receiving from the hardcore fans, while others blame the bad year at the box office.

The Last Jedi earned $27.4 million on Christmas day alone and then another $28 million on the following Tuesday, which is setting it up to conquer Beauty and the Beast. Despite the backlash from so-called fans, the movie has been decimating its competition and may even end up at number one at the box office for the third week in a row, beating out Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Pitch Perfect 3, The Greatest Showman, and All the Money in the World. Petitions and bad reviews seem to have zero effect on the box office numbers, leading many to second guess the Rotten Tomatoes user score of 52%.

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Star Wars fans have started a petition to have The Last Jedi removed from the official canon and another angry fan started another petition to have Rotten Tomatoes taken down for unfair reviews. Rian Johnson has taken the criticism well along with the rest of the cast and crew, but the backlash has been pretty amazing to watch and it continues to divide Star Wars fans nearly three weeks after its release. The Empire Strikes Back suffered the same type of backlash back in 1980 and it's now looked at as one of the best movies in the franchise, so it's not too late for those disgruntled fans to come back to The Last Jedi.

Even though some fans claim to hate The Last Jedi, many have admitted to seeing it more than once in the theater, which may be helping the movie's quest to become the highest grossing movie of 2017. Though The Last Jedi wasn't able to single handedly save 2017's box office woes, it continues to bring people into the seats. The Star Wars franchise isn't going anywhere anytime soon, especially if the box office numbers keep rising. You can read about the possibility of The Last Jedi becoming the number one highest grossing movie of 2017 via Deadline.

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