New concept art from The Last Jedi sheds some intriguing light on some of the most pivotal scenes of the movie. LucasFilm has released new art books in tandem with the release of each sequel, although they often don't feature artwork from some of the most crucial scenes, to preserve spoilers. None of this artwork was featured in The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, released on the same day the movie hit theaters (December 15, 2017), but that book also included artwork from huge scenes in The Force Awakens like the death of Han Solo (Harrison Ford), so it's possible that these images could be seen later in The Art of Star Wars 9.

The first image by Seth Engstrom features a pivotal scene where Yoda's Force ghost appears behind Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), as he debates whether or not to burn down the sacred tree containing the ancient Jedi texts. Yoda appears because he senses the conflict within his former student, stating that a Jedi must always be certain of his path. When Luke decides not to burn down the tree, Yoda's Force ghost sends a lightning bolt down on the tree, setting it ablaze, with Yoda telling Luke that the Jedi knowledge is within him, not within books, and it's his duty to pass it on to the next generation. Before this happened, though, Rey took the Jedi texts before leaving the island, without Luke's knowledge, so she can continue on her path to becoming a Jedi.

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There is also another image from Seth Engstrom where Luke just watches the sacred tree burn, while perhaps the most dynamic of these images was drawn by James Clyne, featuring Luke Skywalker standing alone on Crait, squaring off against a number of First Order ships on his own. What's interesting about this image is that, while this scene does in fact take place in the movie, Luke is wearing his white Jedi robes, while in the movie, he wears a black cloak over his white robes. Another illustration from Adam Brobnack features the aftermath of the First Order's attack on the lone Jedi, as he stands unscathed in the middle of a crater, with smoke billowing around him.

There is also an image from Kev Jenkins that offers a closer look at the unscathed Luke after the attack, with another Kev Jenkins image featuring a rough design of the scene where Luke squares off against his nephew, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). The final image, also from Kev Jenkins, features the aftermath of Holdo's (Laura Dern) brave sacrifice as she takes out the First Order ship Supremacy by herself. Whether these images will be released in The Art of Star Wars 9 book next year, or a different collection, remains to be seen.

Now that the latest Star Wars adventure is available on home video, fans can scour through the movie and compare the final product with these images from the early stages of the production. There are no details as to exactly when these pieces of artwork were commissioned. You can take a look at five of the seven concept art images below, and head on over to io9 for the rest.