A rather significant continuity error has been discovered in The Last Jedi. Much has been made of director Rian Johnson's contribution to a galaxy far, far away, good and bad. The movie has been divisive for sure, mostly due to bold story choices. However, now there's a conversation going on online not due to some story choice that fans can't agree to disagree over, but there's a pretty major continuity error during one of the movie's best scenes that seems pretty much impossible to ignore.

Needless to say, from here on out, this post contains major spoilers for The Last Jedi. The scene in question is just after Supreme Leader Snoke is killed, leaving Kylo Ren and Rey to fight his Praetorian Guards. It's easily the best fight scene in the movie and there's a lot going on, but since the Blu-ray is out now, some fans have been combing through it and someone noticed that something is very wrong. One of the guards has a set of two knives. During an close encounter with Rey, he starts out with both knives, but halfway through one just disappears.

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The really big issue with this error is that there are no cuts between when the guard has both knives and when he inexplicably only has one. Twitter user Paul Blank posted a gif of the continuity error in question and, via a fabricated exchange between a choreographer, director Ryan Johnson and a VFX artist, posits that if this Praetorian guard had been able to keep both of his knives, he could have easily just stabbed Rey in the back. So, instead, they just edit out the second knife so that Rey can live.

As one might expect, Star Wars fans had thoughts on this. It's impossible to expect a movie of this size and scope to get everything right, and some fans chalked it up to being able to suspend disbelief. As one Twitter user who goes by Bean said, "Logic? In a fantasy sci-fi movie? Since when?!?! laughable that people are making such a big deal out of this. Sure it's a flaw I'll be real and say it is but it doesn't ruin this scene 1 bit. Ever heard of suspending disbelief." This was met with a response from a user named Josh Wittcer, who sees it a bit differently.

"Yeah, suspension of disbelief requires there to be logic within a scifi fantasy world. This ruins that suspension and makes you realize this is a terrible movie, and the scene only serves to show that Rey has LITERAL plot armor."

Rian Johnson is very aware of the criticism this movie has received and has been rather active in responding to many of the criticisms. He does have a sense of humor about the criticisms surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but this one is going to be pretty tough to explain. Hopefully, Johnson will respond to it though. You can check out the moment in question from Paul Blank's Twitter post for yourself below.