Though it is a very dark movie at times, The Last Jedi ends with hope and optimism. And then there's a little tag at the end that works as its own post-credit scene, only we don't have to sit through all the credits to see it. Temiri Blagg is playing with his Star Wars toys, which include a self-made Luke Skywalker action figure, when he is chased outside like Little Orphan Annie to clean off the steps. We see here that Temiri is force sensitive, and that he has the power to sweep without using his hands. As he calls his broom to him, we quickly understand that we're probably looking at the future Master Jedi Blagg (which is kind of a horrible name), and it's evident that the spark has been lit, and that the Jedi are anything but extinct. Though, as director Rian Johnson tells it, the movie almost didn't end this way at all.

Rian Johnson had seriously considered ditching the 'broom kid' scene in favor of showing all the remaining Residence fighters on the Millennium Falcon as the new Rebellion is born under General Leia (who is still very much alive right now in official Star Wars canon), Poe Dameron, Rey and Finn. That would have been quite a suitable ending. But there needed to be something more. Johnson explains.

"To me, it was really important to have that final scene, because it turns what Luke did from an act that saves 20 people into an act that inspires the galaxy. The notion that what we're setting up here is something big in the next chapter. And when Leia says, 'we have everything we need,' she's talking about everyone on the Falcon, but also about what we see next, which is we now have a galaxy that has seen this beacon of hope and is getting inspired to fight the gooda very good reason he changed up the formula in Episode VIII, as it enhances our perception of Luke's actions."

The Last Jedi is the second chapter in a trilogy that brings the Skywalker saga to a close. The only remaining heir is Kylo Ren, with Luke out of the picture, and Rey discovered not to be tied to the Skywalker bloodline. So the end of Luke's journey needs to point to his inspiring a galaxy of force users to stand against the tyranny that plagues the galaxy. This new trilogy is meant as a tribute to the Skywalker legacy and what it means in this particular world of movies. What better way to show that than with a kid and his broom in a scene that recalls Fantasia's infamous Mickey Mouse segment The Sorcerer's Apprentice. That's some good Disney synergy right there.

It's unclear at the moment how important to the ultimate Star Wars legacy Temiri Blagg will be. Or if he is part of Rian Johnson's upcoming standalone Star Wars trilogy that focuses on a new corner of the galaxy and all new, non-Skywalker related characters. The boy has one other important scene in the movie, where he helps Finn and Rose steal a Fathier to invade the Canto Bight casino. His role is small, but it is key in driving the narrative forward. The quote was provided by Mark Hamill Takes a Vow of Silence on Star Wars Movies

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