Rian Johnson was, understandably, pretty excited to get the gig to write and direct The Last Jedi and now his cameo in the movie has finally been revealed. The Blu-ray for the movie is out at the end of the month, but some lucky fans have already gotten their hands on a copy and listened to Johnson's commentary track, which reveals his small cameo in the movie that nobody would have guessed in a million years. Even fans who have seen The Last Jedi in the theater more than once would not have picked up on this cameo.

The digital release of The Last Jedi has unveiled Tom Hardy's as well as Prince William and Harry's cameos in the movie. Mark Hamill's cameo as Dobbu Scay was figured out within the first week that the movie was released, but not many were even privy to Rian Johnson having a cameo in the lastest Star Wars movie. However, if you're going to land the dream gig, you might as well insert yourself in there somewhere.

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Rian Johnson's hand is a stand-in for Mark Hamill's gloved hand when he hands the gold dice from the Millennium Falcon over to Leia. The real short close up shot is gone with the blink of an eye, but Johnson now has bragging rights to have (sort of) played Luke Skywalker in a Star Wars movie. Not really a fair cameo to guess, but Rian Johnson never teased it out and gives the information in a matter-of-fact way, as if it's just occurring to him that he was able to play a small part in a one of the most legendary franchises in history. Because writing and directing it weren't enough, right?

The Last Jedi novelization recently came out and has gone a long way in filling in some of the gaps that Star Wars fans wish was included in the movie. However, if everything were included, The Last Jedi would have been 4 hours long. Watching the movie with Rian Johnson's commentary along with The Director and the Jedi documentary also help fill in some gaps as long as the reasoning behind leaving certain elements out. Some fans have griped that you need supplemental material to fully grasp The Last Jedi, but Star Wars has always been that way.

Now you have some extra trivia to impress your friends the next time you watch The Last Jedi. You can freeze frame the picture and call out that gloved hand for not being Mark Hamill's. Now, someone needs to get ahold of Hamill on social media and ask if he knew about this while filming was taking place. He might have some strong words for the director if he didn't know. Now that The Last Jedi is out, you can also look for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Canto Bight resident, Slowen-Lo, named after the Beastie Boys song, "Slow and Low." This report originated from We Got This Covered.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick