The Last Jedi made a significant segment of hardcore Star Wars fans really angry for a number of reasons, but as previously reported (a lot), many fans have taken issue with the way that Rian Johnson portrayed Luke Skywalker as well as his new Force powers that had never been seen on the big screen before. While responding to a set of critics of Luke's Force powers in The Last Jedi, Johnson sent out a string of tweets stating his case with pictures, silently tearing down the fans and their gripes. There are SPOILERS for The Last Jedi ahead, so read at your own risk.

Luke Skywalker's use of astral projection has been a hot topic of debate over the course of the last month. Many fans were shocked to see Luke use a Force power that he's never used in the Star Wars trilogy, and have since taken to the internet in droves to say that Luke would never turn his back on the Force, while asking where his new Force powers came from to begin with. In typical Star Wars fan fashion, anger is ruling the reactions. Rian Johnson had previously addressed the issue, mentioning that the original trilogy didn't respond where the powers came from. For instance, nobody said anything when Obi-Wan used the Jedi Mind Trick.

Now, Rian Johnson has taken it a step further, but this time, he used no words. When responding to some fans calling foul on Luke's astral projection in The Last Jedi, Johnson simply posted a few pictures, starting with his book shelf. The pictures get closer and focus on some specific books including The Jedi Path book as well as The Book of Sith volumes, but focuses even further on the Jedi Path book. Johnson then opens the book to highlight a paragraph which reads.

"Doppelganger, or Similfuturus, permits a Jedi to create a short-lived duplicate of himself or herself or an external object that is visually indistinguishable from the real item. Those who have perfected this ability can create phantoms of any person of their choosing or trick an enemy into seeing more objects, such as droids, than are actually present."

There you go. It's in the Jedi Path book, not from Rian Johnson's imagination. The director has been more than likely waiting for the legion of hardcore Star Wars fans to pick up that information on their own, but it doesn't seem that anybody has picked up it, until now. The fact that the director didn't use any words makes his response even more savage than if he would have taken the time to explain every little detail. Johnson concluded his series of pictures with the uncomfortable exit of Homer Simpson into the bushes gif, which seems to be a favorite of his.

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Rian Johnson has done an incredible job staying positive amongst the barrage of hate that The Last Jedi has taken since its release a little over a month ago. So, hopefully this will shut some of the Luke haters up for at least a short amount of time while everybody goes out and reads the Jedi Path. Johnson is currently coming up with the ideas for what will become his own Star Wars trilogy, so those haters might want to start reading up on their facts. You can check out the savage trolling of Last Jedi haters below, courtesy of Rian Johnson's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick