No other Star Wars movie has divided fans quite like The Last Jedi. And the debate rages on as the movie finally arrived home on Blu-ray and DVD. Is it the best Star Wars movie ever, or the absolute worst? Many believe it falls into the later category. And where many were very vocal about that during its theatrical run, now some folks who were unable to make it to the theater are finally seeing what all the fuss is about for the first time. And this includes one movie-loving dog, who apparently, just isn't having it.

Meet Emilio 'Flexi' Bono. He used to sing along whenever the Star Wars theme song would come on, and if you don't believe us, just check out an earlier video below. Sadly, that love has turned to anger. And that anger has turned to hate. And now, yes, that hate as turned to suffering as the pooch simply can't stand it when The Last Jedi comes on the TV.

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The dog's owner noticed a change in the obsessive TV watching canine right away. The man claims that Flex sat down to watch The Last Jedi for the first time and quickly became disinterested, though some of the other movies in the franchise had kept his attention. And if you don't believe us about the dog's viewing habits, you can check out some of the other videos of the dog that had previous been posted.

Flex likes watching Chewbacca in the original trilogy. But the new Chewbacca, which admittedly looks a little off, did not attract his attention. The Porgs captivated him for a few mere seconds, but he was none responsive to the Vulptex and Fathier. And nothing else in the movie seemed to capture his attention. No harm no foul, he is after all a dog. But Flex's owner noticed a big change when he would turn the movie on for subsequent viewings. And it's captured on camera. The dog absolutely hates The Last Jedi. And little mister Emilio doesn't care who knows it.

As seen in the video, the dog howls up a mad storm when the opening theme by John Williams roars across the screen during the opening crawl. Flexi no longer wants to stay in his seat. And least you think this is just a dog getting irritated by the noises coming out of a speaker. That's not the case. Felxi's owner explains.

"Flex is an avid movie watcher. When I ask him if he wants to watch a movie, he knows exactly what that means and he will go get on his pillow in front of the big screen. And he will watch the movie along with me. And he always seems quite engaged. I noticed he liked watching movies when I caught him starring at the buffalo in Psycho 3. I thought the animal had just caught his attention, but I later caught him watching Jaws 3 on his own. Ever since then, I ask if he wants to watch a movie, and he's always ready. He loves it. But he does not like The Last Jedi for whatever reason."

Flexi apparently loves anything with a dog in it, especially if the dog is wearing a hat. And he is partial to animal movies in general. His all time favorite movie is Milo and Otis, and he'll watching the entire 82 minute movie without taking his eyes off the screen. Other favorites, which Flexi's owner noticed he loves include the John Wick movies. And he is fascinated by the newer episodes of Twin Peaks, all of which you can clearly see the dog enjoying in the below videos. This is not a joke. The dog likes his cinema. He has odd, perhaps discerning tastes. But as you can see, he definitely does not like The Last Jedi. And he'd prefer it if the movie stayed in its case. You can see Flexi getting mad at the latest Star Wars sequel in the video below. He's also seen watching John Wick 2, Milo and Otis, and an episode of Twin Peaks.