A fan edit of The Last Jedi has swept the Internet. But not because it's any good. In fact, this reworking of director Rian Johnson's quite divisive sequel is an atrocious misstep in fandom that is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. And in calling it bad, we're not pointing out the obvious fact that its intent is to excise every female character from the narrative. It's the fact that the two dudes that put it together for the greater good of 'toxic masculinity' have no concept of how editing and storytelling work.

As soon as this He-Man Woman-Haters Club edit of The Last Jedi started making the rounds, the director and cast were quick to lambast the results. And wherever you stand on the issue, you have to admit this attempt at righting the wrongs of The Last Jedi is pretty tone def. And it's not just SJWs or the so-called Snowflakes who think so. Any discerning film fan who knows how movies works can see that this mess is just plain awful.

The main intent though, was to remove all women. It's something Al Bundy and his No Ma'am pals would have attempted with probably the same results. And rightfully so, it is being mocked on social media. Perhaps defend the notion, but anyone who actually watches the fan cut, available on pirate bay sites but not showable here due to copyright laws, and decides that this isn't a hilarious miscalculation, needs to reexamine their priorities in life. Not to mention there are plenty of all-male casts to preoccupy their time with. Start with Reservoir Dogs or Glen Gary Glenross, which have almost zero women and are classics. Just please don't try to defend this abomination. It's almost worse than The Last Jedi with the women still in it.

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Film critic and writer Priscilla Page was the first to report on the fan-edit. And she didn't point out all the things wrong with the cut. Instead, she just let loose one long laugh on Twitter. This was quickly noticed by the sequel's director Rian Johnson, who continued the laugh on social media. Soon, Mark Hamill and John Boyega, the two main male stars of the movie, continued to ruthlessly roast and mock the effort. Film critic Siddhant Adlakha went onto make this astute observation.

"No instance of fandom petulance has ever been dunked on this hard by creators."

The Last Jed No Ma'am cut was posted to the file-sharing site Pirate Bay, where it is still available when we last checked, if you really need to torture yourself with the results. Its official title is The Last Jedi: De-Feminized FanEdit, which some have taken to calling The Chauvinist Cut. With all the girls gone, the film now runs a total of 46 minutes long, with an original runtime of two hours and thirty five minutes. This serves as a good warning for folks who haven't seen the movie and are allergic to females. This thing, as it was originally intended, has an hour and forty-nine minutes of straight female power. That's a lot, even by today's standards. Some might not be able to handle it, like the guys behind this masterwork.

This fan edit isn't messing around, as stated in the original posting, the new version keeps to its promise in erasing every last female on screen (well, almost), including beloved actress Carrie Fisher's final performance as General Leia. No, Leia is no longer around to 'scold, question or demote' fearless pilot Poe Dameron. Captain Phasma comes as a cheat, as her costumed fight with Finn is left in, but she gets a much swifter death as one of the few females killed on screen in what is definitely not a brave act of self sacrifice. The reason given by the edits is that, "women are naturally weaker than men, she isn't force-sensitive, and we know nothing about any exoskeleton in her suit".

Laura Dern's Vice-Admiral Holdo has her act of bravery removed, replaced by Poe carrying out her act against the First Order. And Rose, who is just described as 'Asian Chick', also meets the cutting room floor. As the fan edit states in it's descriptions, the movie is now full of giant 'plot holes and continuity errors.' In the immortal words of Corey Feldman, 'Duh!' The Last Jedi is one of the biggest movies of all time, arriving with the second highest debut in film history. It has found its way into the top ten biggest movies of all time. But China seems to hate it, calling the actors unattractive and wondering why some old man shows up at the end to save the day. Perhaps they should start showing this version in Chinese theaters, see if it gets better box office results.

B. Alan Orange