With The Last Jedi debuting on Blu-ray and DVD today, two weeks after its Digital HD debut, it's the perfect time for the inevitable Honest Trailer from the Screen Junkies team. This time around, Honest Trailer narrator Jon Bailey is joined by original Honest Trailer narrator Gannon Nickell, as they offer their contrasting views on this latest Star Wars adventure. The trailer opens with Bailey poking fun at how this franchise that is "all about balance and non-attachment will be worshipped, hated and obsessed over until it isn't fun to talk about anymore."

Despite Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaking several box office records, it was bashed by a large section of fans for being too similar to A New Hope, but The Last Jedi went a completely different route, with Jon Bailey mentioning that The Last Jedi, "subverts everything you have come to expect," which is where Gannon Nickell chimes in by stating it's the "worst one ever." Nickell had previously returned for, what Bailey described as a "old ones are better/new ones are better thing" for The Force Awakens Honest Trailer, with Nickell stating that all things Star Wars must be discussed in "absolutes," as they begin their back and forth discussion.

While Bailey thinks The Last Jedi, "offers a refreshing update to a predictable formula," Nickell thinks it, "spits in the face of everything you once loved." They also go back and forth on the arcs of the main Star Wars trio, Rey (Daisy Ridley), Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and Finn (John Boyega), while splitting hairs on the divisive Canto Bight scene, which Bailey thinks ties into the larger themes, while Nickell thinks the larger themes revolve around it being possible to miss pod racing, from the largely-hated prequel The Phantom Menace. Bailey also rips on "butthurt fanboys who are mad that the movie isn't closer to the one they wrote in their head," while Nickell bashes Rian Johnson for ruining his childhood and the laws of space battle, which don't really exist.

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The narrators also take their shots at Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), who Bailey adds wants the franchise to be rebooted in his favor, with Nickell adding that he always looks like he's about to cry in the movie. They also diss how the answers fans got from the several lingering questions in The Force Awakens were ultimately disappointing, like the nonchalant reveal of Rey's drunkard parents, the surprising death of Supreme Leader Snoke and how Maz Kanata wound up with Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in the first place.

The trailer ends with Bailey and Nickell trying to find some common ground, listing their favorite Star Wars moments found in The Last Jedi at the same time, which are the iconic throne room fight when Rey and Kylo Ren team up to defeat the elite praetorian guard, puppet Yoda hitting Luke Skywalker in the head with a stick, and, of course, the Porgs. They also share the same least favorite aspect too, which is Holdo (Laura Dern) not telling anyone her self-sacrificing plan. Take a look at the new Honest Trailer below for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, courtesy of Screen Junkies YouTube.