The Last Jedi came out 4 months ago and fans are still baffled by some of the choices that Rian Johnson made. Even Mark Hamill has gone back to his original feelings about the movie and the complete change of the Luke Skywalker character, which seemingly came out of nowhere. In a new interview, Hamill discusses the lack of emotion and the facade that Luke puts up to Chewie and Rey, while simultaneously dissing the infamous milking scene on Ahch-To.

Many Star Wars fans were angry to see the way that Luke Skywalker changed in The Last Jedi, going from seeing the good in almost everybody, including Darth Vader, and then deciding that he has to take out his nephew one night. Now, these criticisms are of personal opinion for a certain subgroup of fans, not necessarily how all Star Wars fans feel. However, there were quite a few who were put off by Luke's sudden change in the movie while interacting with Rey and his old pal, Chewbacca.

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Mark Hamill discussed these emotional changes that Luke underwent for The Last Jedi in a new interview, even questioning the changes. Hamill knows the character of Luke Skywalker better than anyone, except for George Lucas, and expected something else when he hopped on board The Last Jedi. The actor called out a specific scene that many wondered about when asking about the emotional changes of Luke. He had this to say.

"They had time for me to milk that alien but to show human emotion? Nah..."

The alien milking scene did kind of stick out like a sore thumb (or nipple) in The Last Jedi, but just as many Star Wars fans who have bashed the movie, have also praised it for the changes that Rian Johnson brought into the franchise. Yes, the milking scene was weird, but it's pretty much a classic Star Wars scene. And to see a different side of Luke was refreshing to fans who were expecting the optimistic character to come back. It was an interesting story arc that Mark Hamill still seems to be conflicted about, after protesting the changes during production of the movie, cooling off during the initial promotional campaign and now, coming back to take slight jabs at some of the decisions.

Mark Hamill has also recently declared that he doesn't really care about returning to the Star Wars universe after the death of Carrie Fisher. Fans have been waiting to hear if he'll come back for Star Wars 9 as a Force Ghost or for possible flashbacks, but it seems that the actor really doesn't have any interest in returning as the only original main character from the trilogy. Regardless, Hamill seems to be slowly coming out of his shell to criticize the parts of The Last Jedi that he did not agree with. You can check out the video of the interview below, thanks to the Jar Jar Abrams YouTube channel.