While the box office success of The Last Jedi ($620.1 million domestic, $1.3 billion worldwide) was no surprise, many aspects of the story certainly were surprising to fans, including the arc of the iconic Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), which came to an end in The Last Jedi. There had been talk that Hamill and writer-director Rian Johnson had "clashed" over their differing perspectives on how to handle Luke Skywalker, and during an interview at the SXSW Film Festival, Rian Johnson admits that they "butted heads" throughout the production. Although, he claims that they didn't necessarily have a contentious relationship. Here's what the director had to say.

"It was definitely a thread throughout the whole (making of the film) and it was a conversation with Mark throughout the whole thing. We talked about it, we thought through it, we butted heads about it... we did all the stuff that you always do with an actor with a part, even moreso because it's Mark Hamill and it's about Luke Skywalker, and because it was such a big decision, the way that his character went in the movie. I feel like it maybe comes across as if that's what our relationship was the whole time, but it wasn't."

The director and his producing partner Ram Bergman were wrapping up their press tour at SXSW, where they debuted The Director and the Jedi, the feature-length documentary that can now be found on the bonus features of The Last Jedi on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. The documentary crew were given unprecedented access to Rian Johnson and his team during the course of the five-month production, and since only a fraction of that footage can be used for the documentary, Johnson revealed more details about the footage, and added they are exploring putting the rest of the footage together, possibly in the form of a miniseries. When asked why he agreed to the documentary in the first place, the director said that there were two making-of documentaries that had a big impact on his life.

"One was for Return of the Jedi about Jabba's palace and all the creature work, and the other one was about Raiders of the Lost Ark, focusing largely on the truck chase. I remember the impact that had on me. So I thought, 'God, if we're going to get one shot at making a {Star Wars" movie, let's take this step and just lift the curtain.' The truth is there are so many fascinating stories. Like Kelly (Marie Tran)'s story: The doc crew went back to Los Angeles with her when she was packing up her apartment to come to London and basically had to lie to all of her friends and say she was going to Canada to work. But there are a thousand stories, Peter Mayhew training Joonas (Suotamo) and doing like Wookie school, and the unexpected emotion of that. They got so much good stuff. Hopefully we'll be able to put that together."

As for those who criticized the bold choices Johnson made, the director revealed in his interview with The Los Angeles Times that LucasFilm is actively looking for filmmakers who will come in and "push the boundaries" of what a Star Wars movie is. He also added that the only way fans will become "sick" of the Star Wars movies is if they aren't allowed to change, and if they are, "always taking you to new places, both in the galaxy and emotionally, that's never going to get old."