Star Wars: The Last Jedi is quite possibly the darkest and most emotional movie in the Star Wars franchise with surprising plot twists and some comic relief, as well as some important silence. There's a lot going on, but Rian Johnson found a way to invest heavily in the development of its young characters, in a way that a Star Wars movie rarely has. The main characters are cracked open and their psychologies examined, making their roles feel more fulfilled as the audience engages more deeply with each one of them. There's a lot of emotion that comes across on the screen with our new knowledge of these characters and we're going to examine some of the most emotional moments of The Last Jedi. There are major SPOILERS for The Last Jedi ahead, so read ahead at your own risk.

The death of Paige Tico.

Paige Tico

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The Last Jedi starts off with Rose Tico's sister Paige setting forth to bomb The First Order so that the Resistance can escape. Poe is leading the charge and many of the crew are killed, which leads us to Paige Tico sacrificing her life to save the Resistance. It's a heavy way to start a Star Wars movie and it ultimately sets the emotional tone for the rest of the story. Rian Johnson is afraid to let everybody know right away that this movie isn't going to be a paint-by-numbers affair like The Force Awakens was, there are risks and emotional story that does not let up.

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill on screen together.

Luke Leia reunion

Obviously, the first look at Carrie Fisher on the screen packs an emotional wallop, but the scene that takes the cake is when Leia Organa is reunited with her brother, Luke Skywalker. There was hardly a dry eye in the building when Luke hands over a keepsake from the Millennium Falcon. It's the first time that Luke and Leia have seen each other in years and the look on Luke's face while he's trying to apologize for Ben Solo's turn to the Dark Side should earn Mark Hamill some praise for his performance. In a movie with a lot of emotional moments, it doesn't get much better than Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher on the screen together for the first time in over 30 years.

Luke Skywalker's return to the Millennium Falcon.

Liuke Skywalker Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is another element that brings out some pretty heavy feelings. As shown in recent TV spots, Luke Skywalker boards his old friend's smuggling ship and turns on the lights in the cockpit, looking around and taking off his hood. Harrison Ford's reunion with the Millennium Falcon does not come close to Mark Hamill's. Luke is seen going over the memories in his head and making the decision right then and there to train Rey in the ways of the Force to harness her powers. Hamill revealed that the day of filming that scene was a very emotional day for the actor, so much so that he requested to be alone for a few minutes and admitted to shedding some tears.

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