Rian Johnson and the marketing team celebrated the upcoming release of the Blu-ray and DVD editions by gruesomely carving up a realistic Porg cake. Talk of Porgs has gone down in recent weeks since Star Wars fans found problems a lot bigger than the adorable little creatures in The Last Jedi. Before the movie came out, all anybody could talk about was how much they hated the Porgs and now they're hardly even mentioned at all.

In the new video, Rian Johnson can be seen slowly cutting into the Porg's head. As he's doing so, Johnson repeatedly says, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," but it's too late and the damage has been done. After Johnson cuts the head in half, he seems to start enjoying himself and then takes the knife to slice the poor Porg's head off to make two slices of delicious cake. By now, Rian Johnson is completely overtaken with all of the fun he's having and gives the Porg one final stab in the belly with a nice yell.

In all seriousness, Rian Johnson looks like he was having a wonderful time celebrating with everybody. It might have even been more than a little therapeutic to cut into a bit of The Last Jedi after the director was dragged across hot coals by hardcore Star Wars fans who want the movie to be completely removed from official canon. Keeping in the fun, Johnson captioned his photo by claiming that it's NSFW. He had this to say.

"We had a party tonight for the amazing marketing team who worked on TLJ. There was a terrifyingly realistic Porg cake, and I got to cut it. NSFW."

There was some backlash from fans about just about everything in The Last Jedi and funnily enough, there was even some trouble during the scene on Ahch-To where Chewie is grilling up a delicious little Porg, much to the shock and sadness of the Porgs. Rian Johnson had to apologize and clarified that Chewie did not really eat a Porg. This leads us to believe that the tasty bird-like creature was wasted after all of the time and effort that the Wookie took to catch and rip the feathers off to prepare for grilling.

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The Last Jedi will be available to purchase digitally on March 13th and then available on 4K Blu-ray a few weeks later on March 27th. The Blu-ray will contain a wealth of special features including 14 deleted scenes as well as behind-the-scenes featurettes. You can watch Rian Johnson and crew enjoy some Porg cake murder below with the peace of mind in knowing that no actual Porgs were harmed in the video. Unless that's your thing, then you can pretend that it's a real Porg. You can check out the video through Rian Johnson's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick