Before The Last Jedi hit theaters, there were rumors circulating that Finn and Poe would have a relationship in the movie, marking the first openly gay characters in Star Wars. That rumor was obviously proven to be false, but The Last Jedi did feature a brief gay relationship between two other characters that many Star Wars fans did not notice right away and now everybody is freaking out. Rian Johnson has not confirmed the scene yet, but he will more than likely address it since he has talked about nearly every decision he made while making The Last Jedi.

An eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted two Porgs snuggling with each other in the background of a scene on Ahch-To and noticed that both of the creatures were male. Officially, male Porgs are slightly larger and have orange feathers around their eyes, which both of the Porgs in question have. The image of the two gay Porgs has since taken the internet by storm and people are freaking out that they didn't notice the small detail right away.

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Some Star Wars fans have dismissed the findings by claiming that all Porgs have orange plumage around the eyes, but Wookipedia, the Star Wars version of Wikipedia states that only males have the orange coloring around the eyes. Additionally some fans are calling the brief background of the scene to be coincidental, which may be true. However, this is Star Wars that we're talking about here. Every little detail is gone over with a microscope before it hits theaters and this small detail does not seem like something that would have been overlooked, especially since there was so much talk about gay characters appearing in The Last Jedi.

As for the Star Wars fans claiming that it was an oversight, the same Twitter user that provided the evidence of the gay Porgs showed off another piece of promotional material featuring two heterosexual Porgs snuggling from the official Star Wars app. The Porgs shown in the snuggling scene on Ahch-To are definitely male, which is obvious to see. As previously noted, Rian Johnson has not come out to talk about his decision to include gay Porgs, but he will more than likely talk about the scene in question in the near future.

Laura Dern's Admiral Holdo is also rumored to be gay, but that was not addressed in The Last Jedi, but Star Wars 9 is upon us, so maybe the gay Porgs will be further shown on screen since Holdo isn't around anymore after her heroic sacrifice. Though Finn and Poe didn't end up with a gay onscreen relationship, the Porgs are really the next best characters that adds a whole other spin on the ridiculously cute little creatures, separating them even further from fans who were calling them the new Ewoks. You can check out the two gay Porgs below, thanks to Ikolism's Twitter account.