Disgruntled Star Wars fan Henry Walsh started a petition earlier this week to put pressure on Disney to strike The Last Jedi from the official canon because he disliked the movie so much. Walsh now claims that he started the petition as a joke and didn't realize how big it would become and now wants people who signed the petition to focus their energies on positive, meaningful issues as opposed to spewing hate about Rian Johnson's first Star Wars movie. But it appears that it's too late. Now the petition about backlash is receiving backlash itself, a case of trolls feeding trolls like a snake eating its tail.

The Last Jedi, like just about anything these days, is intensely divisive. Some Star Wars fans praise the risks that Rian Johnson took while others are running out in the street to burn their merchandise, feeling personally offended. Henry Walsh found himself in the latter category, so he decided to do something about it. Walsh set up a petition to formally have Disney denounce The Last Jedi and remove it from the official canon. Walsh now says that he started the petition as a joke, but the negativity train picked up on it and now it has a life of its own.

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As it turns out, Henry Walsh was recently in a car accident and has to take pain medication that left him more irritable during the 150-minute movie. Walsh also revealed that he started a GoFundMe page to help with his expenses after the accident, which raised hardly any money and got even less attention. The whole situation made Henry Walsh rethink his campaign after he realized that a dumb petition that Disney would never do anything with was getting far more attention than his own GoFundMe as well as all of the thousands of other campaigns out there where people are struggling. He had this to say.

"I love all of the support, but we also know that Disney isn't going to do anything, and with so many people, who have much better causes, who are struggling to gain attention it is a shame that this is getting this level of media attention. So please, while we all love Star Wars, I urge every single supporter who signed this, to also take a few minutes to look at other petitions on Change.Org, ones that are important, or look at causes on GoFundMe. Places where we can make a difference that matters."

So, did Henry Walsh's fellow signees take a step back as he did, realize their anger was likely not going to result in their desired outcome, and use their passion for charity? The answer is a resounding "no." Instead, commenters said that this was the wrong channel to go about charity, insinuated that Walsh was not a true Star Wars fan, and started destroying Walsh in the comment section. One commenter said, "Greedy sellout. Weak" in response to the updates and trying to spin the vibe as a positive one. Another commenter bluntly just called him a 'see you next Tuesday'.

The negativity of Star Wars fans should not be taken lightly and it appears as if Henry Walsh has learned an important lesson: Never turn your back on your negative feelings about Star Wars. Ever. Otherwise, you will get torn apart and ripped to shreds for trying to fix the error of your ways and lead people to donate to charity instead of waste time spreading negativity about a fictional movie. As of this writing, the petition now has nearly 40,000 signatures and Walsh is still trying to get some hits on his GoFundMe. You can check out the petition courtesy of Change.org.