Mark Hamill is on the verge of tears in a new sneak peek at some of the special features from the upcoming Last Jedi Blu-ray and DVD release. Frank Oz is on set, performing Yoda live for the first time in almost thirty years, and it's a very emotional moment for Hamill, who is dressed as the Jedi. Clutching his chest, he says this.

"It's really getting to me."

There's no doubt all this emotion helped power one of the greatest performances in Mark Hamill's career. No matter how you feel about the sequel at this point, there's no denying that Hamill brings it home, giving a powerhouse show stopper in what could be his final turn as the Master Jedi. The digital and VOD versions of Last Jedi are out today, so we're getting to see quite a bit more from the movie than we did leading up to its release in theaters.

Perhaps one of the coolest behind-the-scenes moments to arrive these past few days is right here, with Luke and Yoda reuniting on set for the first time since 1983's Return of the Jedi. And Mark Hamill is not wrong when he tells Frank Oz that the puppeteer has not aged in the span of three decades. Seriously, how does he look that much younger than Hamill?

"I am still jealous he hasn't aged a day."

The two hug, and it's an overwhelming moment for all involved, including fans. The Last Jedi is out on Blu-ray March 27. Among the special features, the disk will include 14 deleted scenes. Some of these scenes have already made it on the Internet. And you can check out some of them here along with the video of Luke and Yoda behind-the-scenes.

Along with the wealth of deleted scenes, IMDB also debuted the first 12 minutes from the feature length documentary The Director and The Jedi. While included on the upcoming home video release, it's not just a throwaway piece of promotional BTS. It's a fully immersive look at the trials and tribulations that director Rian Johnson went through in bringing his sequel to the big screen. And it's pretty harrowing, whether you loved the finished product or not.

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You can check out the special moment between Mark Hamill and his old puppet friend here, along with five different deleted scenes, one of which finally shows us Tom Hardy's missing cameo. We also get to see Rose attack Hux with her teeth, and Chewbacca partying it up with the Ahch-To Caretakers in a scene that is very reminiscent of the Ewok celebration in Jedi. Its all a little emotional, for all defenders and agitators of the Force. This first showed up on The Hollywood Reporter.

B. Alan Orange