A new image from Edgar Wright's upcoming Last Night in Soho has been released. The official image teases the time-hopping psychological thriller from the Baby Driver director. Wright and Focus Features originally planned to have the movie premiere in theaters this fall, but current events have forced it to a new premiere date in April 2021. Last Night in Soho is far from the only movie to have its release date bumped to 2021 in the last several weeks as movie theaters attempt to reopen their doors.

Last Night in Soho has been described as "an unsettling time-hopping fright-fest in the vein of Don't Look Now and Rosemary's Baby." It stars Thomasin McKenzie as aspiring fashion designer Eloise, Anya Taylor-Joy as rising singer Sandy, and Matt Smith as dapper Jack. The latest image from the movie features Taylor Joy and Smith back in the 1960s, dressed up and out at an event. Edgar Wright had this to say about the upcoming project.

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"It will feel very different to my other films. But I've always liked films which have a slow burn into something else, and a lot of my movies have that feeling. Last Night starts in a more psychological realm and then starts to get increasingly intense as it goes along. And I always like to gravitate towards making a film in genres I miss, and there's a certain type of psychological horror film that you got more in the '60s and '70s, that have something of an operatic nature. I'm using that kind of visual grammar."

Last Night in Soho focuses on a young girl, who is passionate about fashion design. She mysteriously enters the 1960s, where she encounters her idol, a dazzling wannabe singer. But 1960s London is not what it seems, and time seems to fall apart with shady consequences as the story progresses. As Edgar Wright teases, it seems that the story will slowly rise to a giant crescendo.

Edgar Wright has been talking about the tenth anniversary of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which he hopes to bring back into theaters at some point. The director reunited with the cast online to discuss the making of the movie and it's long-lasting impact. Wright even revealed that he was living in Quentin Tarantino's guest house while the movie was being written. As for when the movie will be back in theaters, that is a mystery at this point in time.

Last Night in Soho is all set to hit theaters on April 23rd, 2021. When announcing the setback, Edgar Wright tweeted, "Haunted by someone else's past, but we'll see you in the future...," while acknowledging that the movie wasn't quite finished just yet. With that being said, it is believed that the director is in the post-production phase at the moment, though additional photography may be needed. Hopefully the cast and crew will be able to resume work soon. Empire Online conducted the interview with Edgar Wright and provided the latest look at Last Night in Soho.