We finally have some concrete details regarding Last Night in Soho. Even for those who haven't heard of the movie by name, this will surely draw a sizable amount of interest as it will be director Edgar Wright's follow-up to his breakout hit Baby Driver. Though, Wright will be taking a very different approach with this one, as he's treating us to a thriller set in 1960s London.

In an upcoming preview of 2020 movies, Edgar Wright pulled back the curtain on Last Night in Soho just a bit. Described as an "all-out psychological horror," the movie largely takes place in the 1960s, a time period the lead character Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie) is obsessed with and ends up getting to experience it. How precisely that will unfold remains to be seen, but Wright had this to say about his latest directorial effort.

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"There's something I have in common with the lead character in that I'm afflicted with nostalgia for a decade I didn't live in. You think about '60s London, what would that be like? Imagine if you knew everything you knew now, and went back. I'm taking a premise whereby you have a character who, in a sort of abstract way, gets to travel in time. And the reality of the decade is maybe not what she imagines. It has an element of 'be careful what you wish for'."

A new behind-the-scenes photo was also shared, which transports us to the 60s. The photo sees Edgar Wright on set with Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays a character named Sandy. It's said she and Eloise share a "mysterious connection," which leads to this abstract time travel situation. Without further context, it's hard to extract much else from what's being said here, but it certainly sounds like a big departure for Wright. It's also worth mentioning that the filmmaker previously revealed that Nicolas Roeg's 1973 thriller Don't Look Now and Roman Polanski's 1965 movie Repulsion served as influences.

Edgar Wright broke into moviemaking via his collaborations with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Known as the Cornetto Trilogy, the trio made Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End together. Wright also directed Scott Pilgrim vs The World, which has gained something of a cult following over the years. But it was 2017's Baby Driver that elevated him to another level. The comedic heist flick brought in $226 million at the global box office and even earned some Oscar love.

With that, Edgar Wright decided to take a big left turn for his latest. The cast also includes Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Michael Ajao (Attack the Block), Synnove Karlsen (Dead Birds), Diana Rigg (Game of Thrones), Terence Stamp (Yes Man) and Rita Tushingham (A Taste of Honey). Last Night in Soho is set to hit theaters on September 25, 2020. Be sure to check out the new photo below. This news comes to us via Empire.