Edgar Wright has delivered the first teaser for Last Night in Soho. The full trailer will arrive this Tuesday, May 25th. The exact plot of the psychological horror movie has yet to be revealed, though we have some small clues. Back in 2019 it was revealed that "much of Wright's movie takes place in the London of the Swinging Sixties," which is shown in the brief teaser, along with lead actress Thomasin McKenzie's Eloise, who "is obsessed" with and has a "mysterious connection with [Anya] Taylor-Joy's character..."

Thomasin McKenzie's Eloise appears to be sleeping at the start of the first footage from Edgar Wright's Last Night in Soho. From there, we see images of Anya Taylor-Joy as Sandy as she twirls and dances through different backdrops. At the conclusion, Eloise wakes up from what appears to have been a nightmare. Wright went out of his way to not give audiences too much to go off of with the footage, which should entice viewers to seek out the full trailer on Tuesday.

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In a recent interview with Empire, Thomasin McKenzie spoke about Last Night in Soho. "It's genuinely something I've never seen before," the young actress said. "Very unique. I love things where you're reading a script, and you know where it's going, and then it just goes in a completely different direction." The first footage released from the horror movie does tease some of what McKenzie spoke about with Empire, though not a whole lot is revealed in its 15-second runtime. Fans will be excited to see Anya Taylor-Joy taking on a new role.

When speaking about her character, Eloise, Thomasin McKenzie says, "She's almost got kind of a sixth sense. She can feel things that are on another level that most people can't see or feel." Last Night in Soho director Edgar Wright says that McKenzie's performance in the movie elevates the story. "She's great (in Last Night In Soho)," the director says. "She's so young and fragile that the film is going to be twice as scary." As for the idea behind the movie, Wright tapped into some of his own experiences. He had this to say to Total Film.

"The idea for the movie is the result of 25 years of living and working in Soho. I spent so much time looking at the architecture, thinking, 'What have these walls seen?' And walking the streets late at night. Soho's become a lot more gentrified, but it still has that darkness just under the surface. It's one of those places where you only need to stand still for 60 seconds for something strange or magical or weird or dark to happen."

Last Night in Soho has been completed since August of 2020, and was set to arrive in theaters the following month. However, the studio decided to shelve the movie, due to the pandemic, and shifted its release date to October 22nd, 2021. As for what viewers can expect, Anya Taylor-Joy is confident that Edgar Wright has delivered some quality entertainment. "It's very claustrophobic," Taylor-Joy says. "The colors are so intense. It's a really well-directed acid trip. I think people will really like it. You definitely will not be bored." You can check out the first teaser above, thanks to the official Last Night in Soho Twitter account.