Back in October, we reported that the video game adaptation The Last of Us is eyeing Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams as Ellie, with the actress revealing in December that she will likely star in the highly-anticipated project. We haven't heard anything about the project since then, but today we have an update from the video game's director Neil Druckmann, who is also writing the movie's screenplay adaptation. During an interview with Game Informer, the writer revealed that he just finished a second draft of the screenplay, hinting that there will be some big changes between the movie and the video game.

"(It's going) really well. Just finished a second draft, and we did a table read with a bunch of actors, and that's where we're at. It's pretty faithful to the game. There are some big changes, but the tone and what the story is trying to say, is pretty faithful to the game."

Unfortunately, Neil Druckmann wouldn't confirm whether or not Maisie Williams was one of the actors present at the recent table read. The video game is set in a world ravaged by a global pandemic 20 years prior, centering on survivors Joel and Ellie, who must make crucial decisions in order to survive. Sam Raimi is serving as a producer on the adaptation, revealing at Comic-Con last year that he hopes to find a place for longtime collaborator Bruce Campbell in the movie, although it isn't known what role he may portray. What do you think about these new developments? Are you excited that The Last of Us adaptation is moving forward? What do you think these "big changes" to the game may be in this movie adaptation?