HBO is actively developing an upcoming The Last of Us TV Show, and fans of the hit video game are already imagining who might be playing the live-action versions of franchise protagonists Joel and Ellie. As per usual, the digital artist BossLogic has also gotten in on the fan casting for the TV series, editing a poster of the movie Gifted to make it appear like a promo for The Last of Us.

This also effectively imagines Gifted stars Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace as the live-action Joel and Ellie pairing, and I can tell you that I'm certainly on board with the concept. See what I mean by checking it out for yourself below.

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Released in 2013, The Last of Us was published by Sony and developed by Naughty Dog Entertainment. Set in a post-apocalyptic United States filled with murderous thieves and bloodthirsty mutants, the story follows a smuggler named Joel and his teenage companion Ellie as they trek through the wasteland that used to be a thriving country populated by millions. Because of its well-written story and addictive gameplay, the game was a big hit with gamers, achieving great sales figures and very positive reviews. It has since been greenlit for a sequel, with The Last of Us Part II heading to store shelves this May.

Previously, the plan from Sony was to develop The Last of Us as a movie, perhaps intended for a theatrical release. For one reason or another, the project spun its wheels in development hell before sputtering out, leaving the future of the live-action adaptation unclear. HBO recently stepped up to the plate with their desire to have the story adapted for a television series, and considering the freedoms such a show would have on the HBO network, this is certainly great news for fans of the game.

This isn't the first time BossLogic has done his own fan casting for The Last of Us, as some previously released fan art has also given us a peek at a potential live-action adaptation. That version instead pictured Logan stars Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen as Joel and Ellie, and that concept was also a very interesting one. It also gives us a bit of a better look at Joel and Ellie than the altered Gifted poster, and although both of these are nothing more than creative fan art, they're effective at already building anticipation from fans for the series. You can check out that fan art below as well.

Navigating through discussions about The Last of Us from fans on social media produces many other potential casting choices for the series as well. Jackman appears to be a rather popular choice among fans for Joel, given his physical similarities to the character and his trusted abilities as an actor. Ellen Page has also been suggested for the live-action Ellie, but as the actress wasn't happy that the developers allegedly based the video game character's look on her appearance, it seems doubtful she'll be interested. We'll see who ultimately winds up cast for both characters. This news comes to us from BossLogic on Instagram.