Independent studio Epic Pictures has dropped the full official trailer and poster for The Last Scout and we have your exclusive first look at this suspense filled sci-fi thriller. The suspenseful film offers a chilling "what if" scenario when two superpowers, America vs China, go head-to-head in the race to find the next inhabitable planet. Epic announced the VOD and digital release of The Last Scout across the US and Canada starting March 7th.

Set in 2065, with Earth destroyed by war, humanity's remaining survivors send a fleet of ships to the end of the galaxy in hope of finding a new world. After seven years of travel and long since out of communication, the crew of The Pegasus are nearing their destination when they encounter a derelict ship. So close to completing their mission with their sanity exhausted they soon realize they are not alone and must fight for the survival of the human race.

The Last Scout is a suspense filled sci-fi thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seat rooting for the remaining survivors. The cast includes Simon Phillips, who also directs this thriller, Blaine Gray, Rebecca Ferdinando, Deji LaRay, Rita Ramnani, Paul Thomas Arnold, Peter Woodward, Mercedes Synodis, Kevin Chua, John Chang and Chris Rymer. Simon Phillips, a British actor who has starred in the White Collar Hooligan trilogy, Alien Uprising and Strippers vs. Werewolves, directs his second feature with The Last Scout, following the 2012 film Riot. Paul Tanter, who wrote and directed the White Collar Hooligan trilogy, provided the screenplay for The Last Scout, which will be distributed by Epic Pictures.

The film launched a Kickstarter campaign a few years back to raise additional funds to complete the visual effects work. The Kickstarter page revealed that the ship featured in this sci-fi thriller, known as The Pegasus, was inspired by the ships seen in Prometheus, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. The production design team went with a, "rustic and very tired look" for the ship, since it was nearing the end of its seven-year journey to find a new planet.

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The Last Scout Poster